Tuesday, November 24, 2009

40 days without french fries...

I did it!

Exactly 40 days ago I started my journey of 40 days without french fries and am proud to say "I actually did it!!!".

So, it's been a mostly private journey...few knew about the no fries plan. Just a few more knew I joined weight watchers the same night I gave up fries. 40 days into weight watchers and I'm happy to say I've lost 15 pounds (and am hoping to not gain any over the next couple days-boo thanksgiving feast-boo!!!).

I still have a significant way to go but am shocked that 5 weeks can make such a difference.

To explain why I went 40 days without my beloved fries: I knew I needed to make some major changes and french fires, specifically McDonald's french fries are soooo addictive.

I decided if Jesus could go through the desert without food for 40 days, I certainly could manage the "pain" of no french fries for the same time period.

It was hard-I had ample opportunity to cheat, sneak, and binge but I said no to those deceptive little fries and I'm so glad I did it.

Would you be willing to give up anything for 40 days to significantly impact your health and honor God?

PS Thanks to my friend Kara, hubby and sis Heath for their support during these challenging 40 days...til' death do us part;-)