Monday, November 09, 2009

Happy Birthday TJ...the BIG 1-0!!!!

Wow! I can't believe it has been TEN amazing years with you blessing our lives..

Our precious 1st born son. We have seen sooo many amazing and blessed firsts with you TJ! We are so proud of you, our awesome 4th grade boy!

My how you've grown-when you FINALLY arrived into this world (some very painstaking 5 days overdue and via induced labor) you weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces. I carried you WEEKS longer than any of your siblings and you were by far the biggest baby-you were so big I almost needed a c-section to deliver you, but my amazingly skilled Doctor (Dr. Kevin Miller who is dearly missed in the Lafayette area since his move) was able to get you out with a vacuum assisted delivery and you had quite the crooked head;-) Thankfully, it's rounded out nowadays;-) Now you are almost as tall as mommy and your feet are almost as big as mine too! I wonder if you will be taller than your dad someday soon?

You were a very content and sweet baby. Everyone always commented about how cute you alot. You were sooo smart early on. You saw the world in the most amazing light. At the ripe age of two you picked up every speck of "tash" in sight and you could read tons of words (thanks to your daddy's hard work teaching you how to read).

You've come a long way since those early years...just the other day you reported to your father and I that you have decided what you want to be when you grow up- a police officer. That's a long way from your previous reported future aspirations of working as the "boss in construction".

You have claimed Jesus as your Lord and Savior since you were just 4 years old and you led your brother Jake to the Lord just last year. You have infectious laughter and a big tooth"less" smile. You love many sports and creative projects and destroying and rebuilding things. You love catching bugs and frogs and getting dirty and you really love FISHING...oh how that's an understatement. I think you'd move to Wisconsin with your Grandpa Andy and Uncle Andrew if we'd let you because of your shared love of outdoor fun.

I could go on all day bragging about you and how special you are to us...

We hope you have a very special 10th birthday and always remember how much we love you-even more with each passing day but unimaginably not as much as you Father God loves you!