Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Haircuts, snow and funnies

So, I did 4 in 40 today. Four what, in forty what you say? Ok, enough greek-I did 4 haircuts in 40 minutes-- including showers, clean-up and photos!!! I couldn't even get that service from Great Clips! He, he. How do my "4 men" look? Pretty snazzy, eh? The pics of Owen are before and after and this was his first "real" haircut-he did have another before his cranial banding where I shaved all the fly aways off but no one could hardly tell, so it doesn't really count in my world;-) The picture of all 4 of them was as good as I could get;-)

Up next, some brotherly fun!

Lastly, (well photo wise anyway) the snow "blizzard that wasn't" before and after pix. Just a few good inches which has all melted away and with more rain has caused lots of area flooding. Fog has been an issue too. We've even had multiple fatalities in the area due to 2 days of very dense all day long fog-weird for our area.

A funny for you:

I worked last night and Tim had a meeting for the upcoming "SUPER FUN" auction TJ's school does as a fund raiser every year (called the Eagle auction-a great opportunity to donate, and/or advertise!!!). So, he secured childcare so he could go. Around 6:30pm I was eating my dinner in our staff lounge next to one (of about 50 or more) co-worker and we were just chatting. Her cell phone rang and she went to answer it and said "huh, I don't recognize this number-" I said, what number is it-she said my number!!!! It was my precious Owen calling, apparently hitting on the "older woman"...he's now grounded from the phone until he's 21.

Up next: my findings from tomorrow's (which was postponed from Monday) MD visit. We're heading back to our original pediatrician, which we switched from 4 years ago when our insurance changed. Due to i changing again, we could switch back-we love Dr. Thomas (even if he did stand us up on Monday-that's the last time I warn him at church of an upcoming visit;-).

Also for next time (hopefully) Jacob's artwork! He's an amazing 4 year old who can out color or cut the best of us!


Jennifer said...

What handsome men you are surrounded by! Such a lucky girl.

Anonymous said...

I resent the older women comment!! Oh, I get it--older to Owen, not to you, Renay! : ) It's been fun telling the cell phone story. See you in a few weeks at work. Cindy

How Life is Measured said...

Can you cut my husband and son's hair too?
Haha! Just kidding. What I really want is to join your happy family. You guys just are all so happy and man! I can't say it enough Renay- those are some good looking kids!
Take care,