Friday, February 15, 2008

A special Valentine's!

If you'd asked me at how my day was at 4pm yesterday, I would've said-"yeah, my Valentine's day was ok"...but at 2am, I would've said "it was great"! The day started off simply enough. I found the card Tim had left for me-which BTW, was the exact same card I got him. Then, I saw the cute valetine TJ made us (see photos). I had to work in the evening, and frankly it was a pretty cruddy night at work (which doesn't look like any night will be any better any time soon;-( But, around 7pm when I was finally getting dinner, the boys showed up to surprise me with their presence and some chocolates. That made my night much better and I really considered V-day over at that point. BUT, when I got home, I found this path of rose petals leading up the stairs with treats and cards and this cute note from TJ (see pic with frog) leading up the stairs. A very sweet sentiment-oh, and I didn't even mention the house was spotless and freshly vacuumed! Mega brownie points for Tim;-)

Here's the (second) new car seat I got for Owen. It's made by Britax-whom I consider to be the industry leaders for safety seats-the style is called "Marathon". Yeah, so what if it costs 3 times more than the seats we bought for our first two-can you really put a price on safety? Well, maybe but this cadillac of car seats should comfortably (and more importantly safely) seat Owen into adolesence! It's approved for up 65 pounds and like 50 inches or so- TJ could almost still ride in this beast-and both boys (TJ and Jake) said it is quite comfy! Owen looks like he agrees but he doesn't say so much:-) Pictures speak a thousand words, right? He does look even smaller in it though-) I figured it was about time to retire the infant carrier since he is over 15 months old! (Even if he hasn't "outgrown" it per se;-) Notice the shoulder straps-they're on the smallest setting-this seat is supposed to be for infants 5 pounds and up-can you imagine???

Lastly, these are some pics of a budding artist and her work! My neice Lindsey's piece was chosen out of all the other 3rd graders in her elementary school for a special art work presentation at our local Art gallery. I attended the reception tonight in her honor. It was very cool! Check out her Picasso!

PS My spell checker hasn't worked lately so please forgive the errors-I did me best proofing but I know some errors remain;-)


Amy f. said...

The boys were very sweet to you on Valentine's Day. Owen looks adorable in his mega car seat. I think Lindsay's artwork is brilliant!! She's a talented girl :-)

Tonya said...

I LOVE Britax!! Knoah is so comfortable in his seat!!! I even have a second cover for those spills!!

Very cute!!

Anonymous said...

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