Friday, February 08, 2008

A quick Owen update...

I'm afraid I won't get this done if I don't write "less than I'd planned" now vs everything I wanted to say-maybe sometime; so here goes.

Owen's 15 month appointment went well. Dr. Thomas was wonderful just as I'd hoped and it was actually nice to have fresh perspective on Owen.

Now for the not-so hot part. Owen's stats were: 28 inches (a 1 1/4 inch one month gain:-), 17 pounds (for the 3rd straight month-yes, 17 even-not even an ounce more), and his head circumference was the same (which is fine, and better than growing insanely large which is always a concern with hydrocephalus ?sp).

Anyway, I'm encouraged about the length gain, which Dr Thomas is afraid it's just their method is different than Dr. Ho's office where they used an actual board. But each month here on will be interesting to see how the same method pans out.

So, it's the weight that is baffling to me. I am so glad I trusted my instinct and made an appt with a pediatric endocrinologist NOW vs waiting until he turns 2 which is what was recommended to me. That appt is in a month. I guess since Owen's more active and such, he's just going to have a harder time gaining weight-maybe I should take note;-) So, I'm trying not to get too down about it-but it's just so darn baffling-the kid eats and eats-even if he's picky, we give him tons of options and he just seems to eat and he's even on to whole milk.

But, I'm not going to stress too much because he's not scrawny and I bet his little crazy active body just has an incredible metabolism!!! I mean the calories burnt by his dancing alone....geesh!

I also want to end this post by sending a shout out to a fellow blogger Tonya-please pray for her as the mommy of a sick lil guy-her son Knoah had his tonsils removed and has since had some complications-I do believe he's doing better and on the upswing, but I know from our battle last year with pneumonia etc -being the mommy to a sick kiddo while you also have a couple kiddos (and a hubby) at home trying to make everything work can be-ugh, tough. So please pray for them and feel free to click on their blog link and let them know you're thinking about them!


It's a beautiful day! said...

sounds like Owen and luke have alot in common with their weight. Luke ate like food was going out of style, but would not gain weight and even lost weight between a few well babies. They tested him for a bunch of stuff too and never found anything. Just recently has he really started "gaining", but it's taken 2 1/2 years and people still come up to me and tell me how "little" he is...ugh...:-/ I think he just has a super metabolism, maybe owen does too!

Tonya said...

Owen is growing nicely and it's great he had a growth spurt!!

Wanted to say Thank you for the love and prayer you have sent for him, he is recovering nicely and is glad to be home!!! Hugs to all!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting post +1