Sunday, February 24, 2008

This and that

I haven’t posted for a while, so here is a montage of various recent events and photos-it’s kinda long and as usual wordy but very informative (uh, I hope;-)

Owen’s new shoes:

Owen received his new orthotics Thursday. Aren’t they cute? Best part…he’s about ½ taller in them. He’s doing so well in them and he’s walking all over the place! I would say at this point he walks more than 50% of the time (vs. crawling) and he is also getting really close to standing from sitting (as in from the middle of the floor with nothing but the floor to push up off of-or something like that). He has been “caught” picking things up by stooping down and then standing back up to walk again-very cute!

Here are also some Playgroup pictures-some mommy friends and I get together in the mall play area every Wednesday and I shot some pics this week, as most of us were present. They are all so cute together;-)

Seats taken, old man:

These are 2 cute things TJ has said lately. One evening recently, I was on the couch with Tim and he got up for something. TJ saw his chance and jumped up to sit next to me. When Tim got back, TJ said in his best “dude on the bus on Forrest Gump” voice “SEATS TAKEN!” If you know what line in the movie I’m referring to, you know this was a pretty funny thing for an 8 yr. old to quote. After we stopped laughing, he said it again, but this time he said “seats taken Old Man.” Ahhh, to be an 8 yr. old again and think 32 is “old”.

Owen choking:

Today I was messing around on the computer. Tim was who knows where doing who knows what. TJ was in the kitchen/eating area with Owen playing. I heard Owen cough and asked TJ if he was ok and TJ said yeah, he’s just coughing. Then, just a few seconds later I heard Owen make the most horrendous coughing/gagging/struggling to breathe noise-TJ began panicking and yelling that he was choking, which I was already on my way (the room they were in was the next room over in an open concept type floor plan from where I was) and Tim was there already at Owen’s side. Owen let out one more choke sound and I took him and essentially started the CPR steps for a conscious choking victim. It was incredibly scary and I think I shook for about the next hour. Although I wanted to, I did not perform the “blind” finger sweep but I could see some crumbs in Owen’s mouth as he was struggling. He seemed to bring up or get down whatever it was and I got him a drink to try to sooth his throat from the gagging/coughing. As he was drinking, he either took the choked up item (an old french fry) and tried to put it back in his mouth or took it out-we couldn’t tell for sure which before we confiscated it. I always knew french fries were BAD!!!


Here are some cute bedhead photos. These were after he woke up from an afternoon nap. He never has “bad hair days” with the exception of his constant flyways.

Fussy boy and my cookie fiasco

Owen was a really fussy boy on Friday. Much to my dismay because I really had a bunch of stuff to do including prepping 50 potatoes for a baked potato bar and 3 giant cookies. Well, Owen wouldn’t stop fussing so I kept trying to hold him. Finally, I had Jake hold him in my desperation to get some stuff done. Again to my dismay, my first cookie was underdone. The second I went to flip onto a serving platter and it SPLATTED all over the counter. The 3rd was fine and the 4th (the make-up for the 2nd cookie disaster) was over-baked. Ugh. Oh well. The icing was perfect;-)

Owen feels bigger

I have yet to transfer him into his “king of carseats” so he’s still in the carrier. He sure feels bigger. Much bigger-and he’s eating everything in sight (including old hard fries;-). So, I’m curious to see what he measures in a week or so at his 16 month weigh in.

I think that’s all for now. Hope everyone is well!