Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hot fun!

Friday we went to the Cove. It was a really fun time. I didn't get any pics of the older boys but the younger guys hammed it up;-) We went with my pal April who has same aged boys-Mason (not pictured as he and TJ "hung out" at the sand pit), Isaac and Weston who are Jake's buds;-). Owen was a good boy, aside from his usual need to "eat" the minute we got to the pool-ugh! I didn't get any good pics of him (per usual) and when we got home I got him out of the van and he felt really hot-uh, yeah, he was hot! So, he was fussy Friday night. And today too. He's been really clingy. And fussy. And Ugh. But we pressed on. He was assymptomatic of any real ailment (well, except for that hoarse voice he woke up with today;-). The MD's office was closed and I'm anti-urgent care unless it is obvious that more than a virus is likely so we haven't been checked out yet and his fever was very low today. I needed to get out so we headed to the County Fair. Tim's fav! Not! Pretty much everything about it drives him bonkers-red neck hicks, carny people, people in general, spending money, heat, people, people. You get the picture-but he went to be a good and dutiful husband and father. The kids were ecstatic to go...I was ok with everything but the heat. It was like 6pm and HOT-humid-low 90's I think. But it was fun;-) And Owen was, well, Owen. Jake was the most fun...strangely. He was good the whole time and quite the poser;-) Then, back at the ranch-eh hmmm, I mean home, the boys headed off to bed fairly easily. I couldn't sleep-and right as I was about to drift off to la-la land, I hear Owen...ugh. I tried everything. Finally, it was a popsicle that calmed him a bit (for a moment). I had to put him back in bed since I didn't know what else to do with him. I still can't sleep and he's cried out here and there since I put him to bed. Anyway, that was our last couple days. Tomorrow-make that today, I'm sure I'll be sans church and in Urgent care for a visit. Yay.

Here is sad, but true proof-warning it is 43 heartbreaking seconds;-( Don't forget to pause the music before pressing play.


Lindsay said...

Poor Owen! I hope he gets relief soon. The fair looks SO FUN! I'm making Mike walk down to get me a funnel cake later sometime this week. :)

amy f. said...

I agree with Tim COMPLETELY about the fair (some county fairs are "worse" than others though!). Ugh, don't like it, but..we MAY go just for a short time (and not spend money, is that possible?) sometime this week. I know someone showing something who would love for us to come see her and I have a couple of coupons for free rides (will 2 rides be enough for my sweet, selfish child?!). Well, we are going to Indiana Beach this week, so we'll see if we get to the fair.

Poor Owen. I feel for him (and you). Aww...that video clip. I love the way his mommy talks to him when he's upset and not feeling well....very special.

The Baker Family said...

Bummer! It is no fun to have a sick little one. Hope you get it figured out and start to recover.

April said...

I'm so sorry about Owen. :( I hope our trip to the pool didn't make him worse. Jake and those sunglasses...gotta love it! I also love how you snagged a picture of the Clarian balloon haha. Oh, by the way, I LOVE the fair so if you wanna go again hit me up.


Kim said...

I feel so bad for you with Owen-Preston has been a nightmare lately, but he is not sick so I cannot even blame sickness. I feel like I need 100 hours of sleep.
The pics of the boys at the fair are so cool! Preston would have loved all those cars.
Keep cool and hope you can avoid urgent care.