Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Walgreens, Chick-fil-A, and much more!

Walgreens Grand Opening:

It's finally here! Today was the GRAND OPENING of Tim's new Creasy Lane/Pavillions Location Walgreens-here in good ole Lafayette! Yay! It's been a lot of work (I say that as if I know;-), but well worth it.

Me and the boys arrived at the store this morning just before 8am to be the "first customers". TJ had his heart set on it...he had his two bucks and lemonheads in hand ready to purchase as the clock was striking 8am...

We were greeted by the FABULOUS Beauty Adviser Kara...

See? He really was ready with his lemonheads in hand...

Oh and here's some happy photo specialists ready to print your pictures with love and care;-)

...but here we are at 10 after 8 or so and uh-oh...

the registers are not working. This put a damper on the shopping;-( They couldn't open the doors, since there was no way to ring up orders so we waited...and I took some pictures:

...and we waited...and I took some more pictures...

...and finally, we left empty handed.

Tim was handling it all very well and had all the tech guys you can imagine working to fix the situation.

A call came around noon, so we rushed back to the store...

...still hoping to be the first customers... As we arrived he was turning on the automatic doors and taking down the "opening soon" signs;-)

TJ rushed in and ended up with over $7 worth of loot (thanks dad-that two bucks turned into a twenty!). Zach, the front cashier, cheerfully rang him up. We quickly noted that "Zach" reminded us of my baby bro Zach with his same name, baby face and BIG hair;-)

All in all, it was a fun, but LONG morning. FYI Milk is pretty cheap there and there are also coupons at the registers for free film developing.

I'm so glad to have Tim so close to home and a Walgreens so close to us!

Another fun fact, I was the first RX filled in the pharmacy...easy pay rocks!;-) He, he.


You all know how much I LOVE chick-fil-A, right? I do-I love them. I could eat there daily- I think;-) Anyway, last week while prepping for the garage sale and working on the boys rooms (see below), my sis Heather and I decided to get drive-thru from there for dinner. I had our whole order for the 2 of us and our 5 kiddos and when I got to the drive-thru register, they rang the bell and informed me I was the 100th customer-wa-whoooO!!! It was like $30 worth of food ALL FREE!!!

I felt like I had won the lottery! It was very cool and so not my "luck".

On the note of free food, for those of you who live in the area, tomorrow (Thursday) they have a promo again where you should save your receipt and return ANY day in August for the same value-it's like a buy one get one deal! I'm thinking breakfast, lunch, and dinner;-)

Not-so patriotic pictures of the boys:

I tried to get the boys professionally photographed weeks ago and ran out of time to recap the experience for you. Here, this about sums it up...

Notice my couch? Yep, that's about as professional as we got as Owen was having no part of it and might I add, I felt less than patriotic that day! It was miserable! Owen is definitely ANTI photos right now. Need less to say, I got pretty much zilcho (except a big ole headache and one less vote for mom of the year) out of the morning-ugh!

Room Make-overs:

I am (actually my sis Heather is) doing the boys separate rooms with fun themes. TJ is now in the former play-room and has a cool beach/nautical theme. Jake is in the former office and has a FUN Jungle/monkey theme. When they are all done, I'll post pics...I wish I'd taken before pictures;-( Owen is still in his old room and it has no theme. Currently, a theme that would work well would be naughty or monsters;-)

Failed cookies:

I made cookies yesterday. I used Tim's recipe (which is like bakery quality cookies) and followed it exactly. I was about to dump in some chocolate chips when I thought to check the package ingredient list...did you know many chocolate chips are processed in facilities were nuts are present, thus they are not peanut allergen friendly? This holds true for m&m's too. So, I had to use mini hershey's kisses for a portion of the cookies to make them nut allergy free. I had the butter sitting out while I went to the store and whipped them up when I got back-apparently, too soft of butter is a very bad thing as they just didn't hold their form well. But, they tasted fine;-).

Sleepy head:

Here's a couple of pics of my "not-so photogenic lately" sleepy head baby...

Ian Ziering watch out (only true 90210 lovers have a clue here;-)

New Stroller #2:

Here are pics of attempt #2 at a stroller that works. If I was working out right now, I'd know if it was going to work out or not;-) Owen liked it ok (the one tie he was in it).

Cheesy Potatoes:

Jacob loves a good ole baked potato with butter and cheese melted on it. Well, when we were at the store he BEGGED for some over priced russets and I gave in as I like myself a good ole baked potato every now and then too. It's a good thing I give in every now and then, as he sved me from making a meal that was supposed to be chicken and noodles AND mashed potatoes...I forgot to add the potatoes to the grocery list ans thus would've been sadly without the potatoes had he not insisted we get them. Thanks Jake!

Random pics:

Whew...that was a lot. Maybe I should update more than once per week, eh?


Katie said...

I think Owen is one of the cutest little boys EVER! I can't get over that face and those eyes...even when he is pouting, he is still super cute! Looks like you have been busy!!

Kristy V said...

Owen is much cuter that Ian Zeiring! Love that hair!

Kara Townsend said...

Check out that awesome beauty advisor..did you say her name was Kara? Teehee... yes, yes, that is me!!!! Well, I must say that it's a good thing to get one's picture taken periodically and then look at the picture because i definately see some poundage to be lost!!!! I beg you to please bless the other readers/viewers by removing the picture with my lopsided breast and the one where my fat role is apparently resting itself on the counter :) I hate pictures..exept when I look thing- hmmm...when is that ever???? Okay, okay, I'll hush. For all of those of you who don't know me..I struggle with being overweight- yes, i know that it's a shocker..but as you can see in the pictures- I am working on a healthier lifestyle.
i have to confess that I haven't read this blog for well over a year- it's very cool looking and I plan to stop by more periodically!
love ya,

Tonya said...

Um, I don't know what was funnier, your post Renay or Kara's comment! LOL

Love the pics of the boys, yeah that is as professional as we get too..and man! Can you write a post!! You have such a personality Renay, I can't wait to meet you in person!

The Valiant Family Updates said...

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Couldn't Owen so be Ian Ziering's kid? Seriously?

Kara is a hoot! And no, I'm not removing the pictures, nor your commment even if you are trying to torture me with the "b" word-yuck!

I think you looked gorgeous and ready to advise customers of all their beauty needs-maybe not so ready to climb shelving units like a monkey but whateva;-)

Love ya friend!

April said...

I so agree with you! I see the resemblence, but Owen is much cuter. :)

Kara Townsend said...

Ha!! Ha!!! For all of those of you who are wondering about the "b" word issue..Renay can't stand the word women all have BREASTSSSSSSSSSS! Some are big, some are small, some are lop-sided (i.e..mine!), some are too big and need reduced, some are too small and wish to be larger, some are "long"- as I was changing clothing in front of my 4 year old daughter, Emma, she said "mommy, why did God make your boobs so long?" Hmmmmm... "No, honey, that's not God's fault- it's your father's fault...5 pregnancies and 5 healhty BREAST-feeding babies will do that to an overweight gal!" (No, I really didn't say that-but that's what I was thinking! Some breasts have to boobs: Emma also asked me one day why I had a boob on top of my boob- I won't even explain that one- TMI!!!! Some breasts are point north and some point south...nonetheless, whatever BREASTS God has given each of us-let us praise HIM- for HE is good. At this point, when I do finally lose 100 lbs, my BREASTS will probably have to be folded up accordian-style to fit in a size B cup! And to think my hubby says that I don't have a light hearted sense of humor- I secretly want to be a stand up Christian comedian, a mini-marathon runner, a world renown founder of a women's "Healthy Hearts for God" support system!
Okay, that's enough for now- the 6 kiddos are needing some direction :)
love you all, even though I don't know you all!

amy f. said...

This is QUITE the post! Ian Ziering, Jr...that's funny and I do see the resemblance a little.

Congrats to Tim on his store opening...sounded like an eventful day with a rocky start, but it all turned out just fine. Very exciting! Looks like your kids really like lemon flavored food/drinks :-)

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the pictures, thanks for sharing!