Saturday, July 12, 2008

Observations from a garage sale...

It's Saturday's 8:27am. It's raining...make that POURING. My foreclosure neighbor has her garage door open and things EVERYWHERE. I would so take a picture if it wouldn't get me punched. Stuff all over the driveway-junk. It seriously appears that a tornado blew through her garage. Yet people are the rain. I'm in my garage sale business is slow;-( But, in all fairness, I have been CRAZY blessed with sales the past few days and we got rid of tons, TONS of stuff. We have just a little more I would *LOVE* to get rid of...but, it doesn't appear to be in the cards. Oh well.

So, I was up at 6:30 due to my dreaded alarm-ugh. Also my hubby's alarm:-( Double ugh. He said something to me as he was leaving-but in my sleepy stupor, I don't know what t was-anyway, point is, it made me get up and I looked outside because I thought I heard thunder. The sky was crazy weird. The sun was trying to peak through the clouds (it was 6:45am at this point) and the phone rings...what? Who calls at this hour? It was Tim and he told me to look out the window for a beautiful rainbow-it really was and how strange so early in the am. I went to the front windows to see insane shoppers out already-triple ugh! Crazy...seriously insane. Who gets up at 6am to shop at garage sales that don't open until 8am???

So, I rushed down to open mine but it was not worth my effort, nor lack of shower...uh, on second thought,-maybe that's why no one is shopping here;-) He, he.

So, I've noticed a few things from these garage sale days...

1) If it's marked 50 cents, people will ask if you'll take a quarter-so annoying. Sometimes, if you say no, they will still buy it.

2) People will *lie* to get things...weird things. Like some dude buys a skimmer and pays the measly $3 and then as he's walking out says "Will ya throw in this fire truck for my God-son?"...I was baffled and grinned and he walked off with it and said, I don't even have a God-son... weird.

3) Smokers can be "polite"...I had one fella that walked up (but I didn't see him walk up) and then when he walked out, he picked up his lit cig (yes, from in the rain and wet grass) and puffed his heart out as he walked away. Now, you may not get what I'm saying here, but the point is, I find many smokers don't try to be super polite around non-smokers and I'm a VERY was refreshing that he went to such lengths to NOT smoke near my home;-) Thanks smoker dude;-) I really appreciate it!

4) People (me included) think their junk is worth a lot ... way more than junk is worth. I know, I know-one mans junk is another mans treasure-but it's the diamond in the rough principle-for the most part.

5) Apparently, people can look at my garage, from a good 30 feet away (while driving by) and decide whether or not I'm worth shopping at Others can walk up to the edge of my garage, glance and be done shopping. Here's a tip: come on in, you may find something you want-especially since you got up at 6am and came out in the rain!;-)

6) Toddlers don't like to garage sale in the rain. Enough said.

7) Why do people come to sales, find something marked 50 cents, ask if you'll take 25 cents, and then pay for their entire 25 cent total with a $20-seriously? Why?

8) If it's in sight, it might be for sale...example: my garage has bikes and such visible-it's incredible the number of people who ask if the things that I would have to break my neck to get out are for sale.

9) It's surprising how many people come back 2 or 3 times.

10) It's nearly impossible to keep price tags on things. I had a very creative method this time to attempt to insure no "switcheroos" but even with my ingenuity, people managed to mysteriously not find price tags. On my pampered chef stuff this was no problem as I had a terrific excel spread sheet ready for price quotes (in the event a tag was MIA).

All in all, in closing. Garage sales are a ton of work and stress and time. But, it was well worth it and I'm glad I did it (and that so many of you supported the cause;-).

Hope you enjoyed this silly post;-)


Emily said...

Great observations regarding the garage sale. So funny. Weird about the "god son" comment. Some people are just strange. Hope it is a great, great day for you!

amy f. said...

Your observations are SO true. I am guilty of a couple of them myself. I look at a garage sale from the street and decide if it's worth it for me to go in and there are plenty of times I don't (especially when there's a neighborhood sale and plenty to see). I'm typically looking for something kid-related and that could be a specific larger toy that I can tell by the street if the person has or not (or even if they're selling boy stuff) or a piece of furniture, etc. I have to pull the reins in on my spending...if I go to EVERY garage sale I will inevitably go home with things I truly don't need and spend way too much.

That is weird that the guy lied about his Godson and then admitted he didn't have one to you afterwards, huh.

I'm sorry your sale got rained on today (and it's raining again now, my goodness!). We had all kinds of plans today (including checking Saddlebrook out), but I am not one of the die-hards that garage sales in the rain, so it didn't happen. I wanted to come out and be supportive and planned to, enticing as all of your Pampered Chef goodies looked, I really don't need anything and shouldn't be spending the money. Sounds like you were very successful though the past few days, that's great!

Hope you have a great rest of your weekend :-)

Tonya said...

Thanks for making me laugh and realize, I am not the only one who thinks these things!!