Sunday, July 06, 2008

Oh my!

Here it is 3am on day 3 of my crazy 5 day work stretch and I've just realized I forgot to "blog" Owen's 20 month "entry"!!!

He's such a cutie (in a Jekyll and Hyde kinda way;-)... At the MD's office he weighed in at a hefty 18 pounds 12 ounces-or was it 14 ounces...whateva;-). He was somewhere in the 29 inch range. Unfortunately, he was being his beastly self and would NOT hold still to be measured properly. After 3 attempts and 3 diff numbers, we threw in the towel. None-the-less he is growing-albeit slowly.

He's into saying "No" in the cutest whiny voice. Here's an example... "Owen, will you give me a kiss?" says his wishful momma. "Noooooo" in the sweetest whiny voice you can imagine.

Here's a huge prayer request: Owen's legs have been bowing worse and worse for sometime...he wears orthotics to help with his toe walking and pronation issues (arches roll in)...anyway, I'm concerned and his PT concurred that it is time to call on the specialist. So, his pedi saw him Thursday when he was weighed and measured and while I *think* he was trying to make me feel better, he confused me. He said he believes Owen should see an Orthopedic MD in Indy, but that his issues are CNS (central nervous system) related vs musculoskeletal...whatever. So, it's not something easy to fix is what I gathered and more therapy is in our futures.

So, I'm trying to not worry, yet I have natural mommy uneasiness, ya know?

Anyway, Owen has now cut 11 teeth (6 on top, 5 on bottom). He is saying more words. And that's really about it in Owen's busy baby life.

Now, for an announcement about me: I have decided to take a position at a NEW hospital opening up in our area (one mile from our house) in the fall. I have everything all worked out-all the boys will be taken care of through our Church Ministry for childcare/after school programs and I am very excited about this opportunity. I will work days and be more than PRN, which is what I am now. This is very exciting so please also pray that all works out with the transition of the hospital opening/and the boys acclimating to not having momma around every moment.

Tim also is starting at a new Walgreens location come Monday morning and that is very exciting too. He'll be all of 5 minutes from our home as well! It should be a great store and everything is looking up for the Valiant's!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!!!


Lindsay said...

Such exciting times!!! :) Congrats on all the career changes! It'll be nice to work so close to home.

Thanks for the update on Owen. Keep growing, little man, keep growing! :)

April said...

Congrats on the job!! I will be praying.

Way to go Owen!

Miss ya!

Destini said...

Owen will do great with daycare - my kids have been in daycare (Taylor started at 10 mos and Trace at 2 mos) and it is great - they have great schedules and do art (which I am way to scared to try at home) and sing songs. Owen's speech should really pick up afer that!
I am jealous of the 5 minute commute - mine's 35 - congrats on the career moves!

Kim said...

Everything sounds awesome! I am really hoping your new job is everything you want it to be and that Tim's new location works out great!
As for Owen, he sounds like he is doing really great! I think that you will notice a big speech difference after being in day care. I feel as if Preston thrived even though I speak non-stop (duh!)
As for Owen's walking what is the next step? I would not worry too much yet. Although I know it is hard.

amy f. said...

Lots of exciting stuff going on for the Valiant family. Congratulations to you AND Tim.

Thank you for the Owen update. I actually think the kiss/NO exchange is pretty darn cute...picturing him saying it...I love that little guy! Will be praying for drs to figure out what's going on with Owen's legs/walking.

Hope you had a good weekend!

ang said...

Hey Renay,
Thanks for the updates. Congrats on the job at the new hospital, that will be excitng.

We continue to pray for Owen. Hope his Indy appt goes well and they have something that will help him quickly.