Sunday, June 29, 2008

This and that...

That's what I've been up to-a little of this and a little of that. I had tons of stories to share and tales to tell...but I'm drawing a bit of a blank.

Let's see-first I 'll mention that things have been very busy for me and will only get busier. I work a bunch this week (like seriously tomorrow thru next Monday 60 hours) and have a couple projects I'm working on (we split the boys up-they shared one room and now each has their own and I'm doing TJ's in a cute beach theme and Jake's in a cute jungle theme -no ideas for Owen yet). Lastly, as if all this wasn't enough I am preparing for the biggest garage sale ever. Since I have cooled my Pampered Chef business and am doing all this purging around the house I have a garage full of stuff to sell.

On this note, here's the details of the BIG sale! For you local readers: PLEASE tell everyone you know! My subdivision (Saddlebrook) is having our annual sale Saturday July 12th 7-2. Since I have so much stuff and so much if it is new in the box PC, I am having a presale for friends, etc on Friday. I don't know when yet but I'm flexible (I hope) if you want to get in on the deals before the general public. I literally have hundreds of Pampered Chef products ALL new (and some used only for demos, etc). I also have tons of general consultant and director materials which would be good for anyone in any home based sales line-especially directors! I obviously don't have all the pricing done (actually, none of it;-) but I'm thinking most everything will be at least 40% off retail and lots of stuff even 75% off or more. I have an entire office to purge-a whole big room worth of stuff! Plus, lots and lots of baby and kid stuff too!

If you have anything you need, let me know and I'll check to see if I have it on hand and can always set it aside for ya;-)

Ok, that was a shameless plug but whatever;-)

I didn't tell you all how my trash man yelled at me a couple weeks ago. I wrote a blog post/letter to him but didn't post it because I didn't think it was the best witness to him. Anyway, the gist is, he did not take all of our garbage one week so the next week we had more than the allotted amount (whatever). So I called him (twice) to warn him and ask if it was ok. He never returned my call. So on trash day I hear the truck and run to the window. A man is at my curb (literally) thrashing my trash around. He dumped only one can and left the he was about to pull away, I mustered up the courage to ask why he wouldn't take it. HE YELLED "I'm in the trash business, not landscaping business! I've been doing you a favor for weeks by hauling your (landscaping)trash around and I'm not making money on you!" Blah, blah, blah. I try to sheepishly explain that I was confused and didn't know what he was talking about and how I had called his boss to ask him to take this larger load this week, etc. He says he didn't get any calls. Light bulb moment-this fella yelling at me, also who wears no shirt week, after week, is the OWNER! You really must be kidding me. Is this how one acts when they are the owner of a small business (or dresses?). So I fired him on the spot and he said "Good"...

Well, good riddens too, I say Mr ***** to bad rubbish! Fooey on you!

I had to find someone who would come later that day and take what Mr ***** wouldn't.

Thanks to ASAP hauling for their terrific service and taking care of us. He even gave me $10 off since I told him what happened with the trashy, I mean "trash man". I'd recommend ASAP hauling any day-the other guy-not so much.

On a good customer service note, I would like to tell you about my great find of the STROLLOMETER. Remember I've been on this health kick (or was;-) and was also looking for a new stroller. You may remember, I got a new stroller recently (which I actually had to return because it had major alignment issues-so sad;-( anyway while researching strollers I happened across this strollometer info and thought it looked worth trying. So, unfortunately there was a small magnet the item came with (which is how it knew how far/fast I went) but since I had to return it I didn't know what I should do (ie take the magnet off and try to reapply to the new stroller or purchase some more somehow-BTW, it actually came with 3 magnets and even though I used only 1, the boys are to blame for the MIA status on the extras). Ok so I'm getting to the point: I emailed the company and within minutes I rec'vd a reply email asking for my address so the OWNER (who I bet wears a shirt while working;-) could send me replacements. I replied with my address and my appreciation and she replied once more to ask if I wanted help with choosing the location for the new stroller (I'd need to reply again with the brand I bought). She replied with diagrams and other details and I was so impressed I am telling you all. It's a tremendous product and a mom designed it. I've received my replacement magnets and am just waiting on my new stroller. Thanks STROLLOMETER! You rock!

I'm having some issues right issues are with animals...specifically RABBITS and CATS/possibly dogs. The latter is leaving a calling card in my kids gravel play area and the rabbits (evil creatures) are eating my beautiful flowers. I wonder if God is trying to tell me I'm too prideful about my landscaping.

Anyway, I found a product (Liquid fence) that is supposed to be da'bomb at keeping these critters away. I gleefully went around spraying all the foliage and the perimeter of the gravel area. I quickly noticed WHY animals would avoid the areas...STINKY! And when I say stinky, I really can not possibly convey to you how bad it was. The cat/dog spray wreaked of putrid rotten garlic-AND SO DID I...and so did the gravel...How on earth would the kids play there and not wreak as well. It was awful and the garage carried the stench (since the bottle is stored there) for days. I seriously couldn't deal with it. Even Tim couldn't stand it.

As for the rabbit spray-those (expletive omitted) rabbits ate the flowers I sprayed down to the ground like it was candy. I need to take pictures but honestly, I'm just too lazy. This stuff isn't cheap either so I'm returning both kinds and I'm on the search to keep these rude creatures away from my property. Any ideas (trusted tried and true) are welcome. Please no liquid fence advice as I just can't handle it;-)

Lastly, I have a new love affair. It's with Vera Bradley. If you aren't familiar with her, she makes LOVELY purses, wallets and luggage. I got a fabulous "Betsy" style "Daisy daisy" design purse and Daisy Daisy wallet with strap (thanks to Kristy's advice). I LOVE them and got compliments on them each the first time I used them. Even the gruff employee health nurse I mentioned over at my journey blog complimented my new Betsy! I highly recommend VERA! I'll even let her cheat on me with you;-)

Ok, that's really probably enough of this and that for now;-) If you don't see posts from me for a while, don't worry. I'll be back in a couple weeks if I must take a sabbatical.



Andrea said...

Kim suggested Irish Spring soap to keep the bunnies away--I'll let you know if it works!

P.S. My gal is a Dell Inspiron--and my husband says it's my present for my b-day and Christmas fro the next few years!! I think he went overboard!

April said...

I'm with ya on the Vera Bradley obsession! I just bought a new one too!

Masons room is also done in a beach theme. How cool! :) William is in the process of painting surf boards on his wall!

I don't have any suggestions as for the bunnies, but when ya find something let me know.

Emily said...

Sorry about the Liquid Fence. :( My MIL seriously has great success with it in MO, so I thought it was a safe suggestion. I guess bunnies in MO are different from the bunnies in IN. No more bunny advice from me.....

Rita said...

I also love "Vera". I had a purse that was too small so now my four year old has a VB bag she takes with her to daycare. lol.

The rabbits can be annoying, a couple of different things will work.
1) Plant maragolds amoung your other plants. (bunnies don't like the smell or taste)
2) Place Cedar chips around your flowers. (again and odor thing)
Good luck...
Love and Hugs

Tonya said...

Okay, what a jerk your trash guy is! What gives him the right to yell at you, his customer! His boss did the right thing by giving you a discount!

Secondly, send those critters our way, my daughter...and husband seem to be starting a petting zoo right under my nose....