Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Prayer Request & one seriously picture filled post...

First off, I have an urgent prayer request...

PLEASE pray for my friend Lindsay...she is 17 (almost 18) weeks pregnant and is leaking amniotic fluid. She is hospitalized and will remain there until her amniotic bag "seals over" (small chance) or she delivers. This is very grave and even with all I went through with Owen, I really can't imagine this circumstance ---so PLEASE pray specifically that the Lord would bring a peace that surpasses all understanding over the entire family (especially Mike and Lindsay) and that He would answer our prayers quickly by allowing the leaking to seal over and for this baby to continue to grow and develop in the womb. If the leak would seal over, I believe from previous patients experiences that she could go home. I would guess that it would be a very restrictive scenario (such as mine was of VERY strict bedrest) but mommas will do anything for their babies and if this is what the Lord wants, I know Lindsay will be a wonderful steward and witness to bring Him glory. My heart aches for her and I can't get her off my mind.

Now all things seem insignificant in compare to the above, but I want to post what I was going to post prior to reading Lindsay's post and talking to her just a bit ago(BTW, she sounds really good and her faithfulness is really incredible).

So we've been soooo busy. It's a good busy (mostly) but I'm missing my precious internet time (you already know how I feel about my cable/internet company). If you've wondered where I've been just know all is really good and I would like to be posting more. Don't give up on me-I'll try to continue my frequent posts but lately I haven't even checked email;-(

We spent a wonderful father's day in Southern IN at Holiday World with Tim's family. It was so nice to be able to be all together enjoying such a family friendly place. With our jobs, it is rare that we can all get together (especially when it means the most which is around the Holidays;-(.

Here are some pictures from the event:

We entered the park a bit only took us 3 1/2 hours to get there (we thought it would take about 4-but it took 4 1/2 to get home, ugh-go figure;-).
None the less, Owen wasn't in the model mode mommy wanted him in:

Multiple shots were taken and this was the best I could do...don't you love how I dressed them all in coordinating shirts? Aren't their trunks so cute too?

Daddy snuck into was Father's day and all;-):

You can't have a place called Holiday World without Santa there:

Owen was enjoying the day even if we forgot his shoes and it was over 90 degrees!!!

Jake enjoying a kiddie ride:

You may note there are fewer pics of TJ...this is due to his being off with daddy on the big-boy coasters;-)

Jacob was so excited to try this ride:

Grandma even went on it with him:

I wish I could've captured his expression while on it-it was priceless..true fear/enjoyment mixed into one...I don't think I've ever seen his baby blues SOOO wide open!

Owen even got to enjoy a few rides!

For the record, he loved them...he didn't want to get off any ride he went on:-)

Family picture time!

The Valiant Boys minus older bro Walt and his two kiddos Grant and Drew (they were runnning late;-)

Thankfully, they showed's D-Mack (short for Drew McKinley) sportin' his new specs...isn't he so super cute and smart looking in his glasses?

Owen still enjoying his stroller and watching Drew:

The babies taking a break:

The babies sharing a snack:

Best bud cousins Jake and Grant waiting in line for a ride:

More snack sharing:

Jacob walking with Uncle Walt:

Grant and Jake posing at a sponsor area:

Owen wins the fight and Drew tuckers out first:

Ah, here's all the Valiant boys together!

Our family photo op (post water park and tired boys;-):

3 tired boys:

Casey and Kristi (our running joke at the grandparents only shot and a grand daughter;-):

Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Walter:

Uncle Walt, Aunt Les and Grant and Drew:

Whole family together-yay!!!:

On a serious note: isn't it incredible that we had a coordinating color scheme? Seriously...we didn't plan it out (in fact they all rebelled against my cutesie idea to wear matching shirts) yet it worked out that the Grandparents were in white, us in Navy (kids in red, gray, blue), Walt/Les in Gray (kids in red), and Casey/Kristi in cool is that?

These were the events of the day in order~ so most of them were of us hot, sweaty, and post water park hair;-) None were taken at the water park with my camera but it is an awesome water park. Did you know that Holiday World was the first theme park in the WORLD? It is such an neat place. I see it being an annual trip. Very reasonable, free soda (that seals the deal for me) and free sunscreen!

Feeding the ducks:

Jacob has been in a Dinosaur camp at the zoo this week so to pass time while he's there, TJ and I have been pretty creative. He came up with the duck feeding idea Tuesday.

Owen ate more than he fed, but I say "eat boy, eat" and "the ducks can fend for themselves";-)

Thanks Teej for this great idea and to Aunt Millies discount bread store...$1 for entertainment like this is a rare find!

TJ getting a bit more courageous and trying to hand feed geese (who I must admit are a bit agressive and they hiss and peck at their peers sometimes so they can be a bit intimidating;-)

Owen tried to feed them (when he wasn't snarfin' down the goods himself) but they were afraid of his stroller.

This is me hand feeding geese;-) It really was fun and thoroughly entertaining-but I could have done without the duck poo everywhere!

TJ standing proud in front of a Mulberry tree...or so he says. This kid is like an encyclopedia of facts and tidbits and he corrects me all the time. Anyone want to argue with my 8 year old...I dare ya? The kid scored post graduate level on some of his standardized tests this year. High school level on many. His worst was in listening-go figure!

Speaking of the facts he knows, he told me that the show Mythbusters did a segment on the myth of driving with your tailgate was busted and apparently it is best to drive with it up/latched (better gas mileage). TJ mentioned that this plus, tons of other "useful" info is why we should keep cable. Can't argue with logic like this, eh?

Can there ever really be enough pictures of a face as cute as this in the world?

Kisses to brother for a fun time!

Oh and then I saw these seriously cute kids on a park bench...seriously cute!

Again, can there ever really be too many pics of this face?

Couldn't you just eat him?

And finally we pick up Jake who is oozing with Dino happiness! A dino he "excavated":

A snake...close to a dino right?

The mural he helped with:

The craft he made:

The volcano they errupted:

I have some seriously cute kids...I know it. I'm blessed. We are having such a fun summer!


Lindsay said...

Yay! It was so amazing to wake up to this post this morning! :) You know I love those boys of yours. Holiday World looks like a ton of fun, and I agree, the coordinating outfits really helped pull the pictures together! Then, at the park...Owen looks adorable in his green outfit! And TJ, how hilarious that he is using Mythbusters to convince you to keep cable. :) Although, I'm with him. The hospital has, like, thirteen channels, and one of them is the 24-hour mass thingy-ma-bobber. I'll take my TLC and Food Network anyday. :)

Kim said...

I love the matching outfits. I totally appreciated it! The boys are super adorable. They always have such smiles-ok maybe not Owey in a few of these pictures, but I think that is just toddler defiance. It takes a lot now to get a posed picture.

Hope everything is going well. We do miss your regular postings, but picture posts always make up for it.

Katie said...

I think the Valiant boys are the cutest ever! Looks like you had a great time. My FAVORITE picture is the one where the 3 boys are in front of the (i think) Santa figure and they all look so tired with scowls on their face! priceless.

Mari said...

Those pictures were soo cute! It looks like you guys had a blast and I'm so glad! It's good to hear that you are having such a great summer.

Jessica said...

Who doesn't love Holiday World! Life is busy, how great your family was able to get together and spend some time together. Fun memories!

Be prepared the boys will hound you to go back. Scott and I have to wisper the words Holiday World now in our home. We're wanting to go later this summer.

amy f. said...

What a great way to spend Father's Day with family. I'm really looking forward to checking it out sometime. I've never been to that part of Southern, IN. How in the world did it take you an hour longer to get home? You must have made more stops, I take it?

The boys' shirts and swim trunks are too cute. Oh, and I have to say that TJ is such a great big brother.

BRYAN'S YAYA said...

Prayers for Lindsay. God listens, we are living proof.


YaYa to Bryan