Tuesday, June 03, 2008

19 months and more coming!

Today Owen turned 19 months old! I will keep this short and sweet since he doesn't "weigh-in" until tomorrow. I was happy to get my "happy 19 months to me present" a day early-and thanks to my hubby for putting it together for me while I was at work...the new inSTEP - Suburban Safari Jogging Stroller in red!!! I LOVE it! I even loaded him up and took the boys to the park to give it a test drive this evening. It is almost perfect for his size-my only bummer thing about it takes me back to Owen's size...the cute little snack tray is WAY TOO high, and obstructs his view a little. It's not a deal breaker, but it just irritates me to be reminded that nothing is made for my little guy's size. Oh well, he doesn't know it and it gives me more opportunity to "love on people" when they comment on how "small" he is. I will elaborate more in an updated post including his stats, but I feel a little like I "deserve" a pick-me-up gift lately in regards to Owen-thank the good Lord I love him so much or I'd hurt him (no, not really, but he defines the reason some parents hurt their children-and again more on this later-I say it light heartedly, so please no hate-mail;-). I'd post a picture but believe it or not, I forgot my camera and that is sad b/c their were so many wonderful photo ops today. Anyway, I'll update asap after the appt tomorrow;o)


Andrea said...

Very very cute...the question is--have you taken the stroller out for a jog yet? We've been pleased with In Step.

Jessica said...

Cute picture with you and the boys!