Saturday, June 07, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Tim reading a good book, TJ lounging on the couch watching *eh, hm* cable...oh, that's Owen sleeping. On someone. On his da-da. If this is wrong, I soooo don't want it to be right. I mean, who would pay someone to "fix" this. I see nothing wrong with hours of lying around...does anyone else? I find it refreshing.

Ok, Ok...we're off to the pedi and totally not my luck, but his pedi is on call today-wa-who! I can't wait for him to tell me he can't find anything wrong. Maybe he'll examine me, I feel like poo.

All photos were snapped over the course of an hour or so;-)

Tim said, as I was getting him up to take him to the MD, "maybe he's just tired"...yeah right-have you met him?


The Baker Family said...

I can always tell when Morgan is sick.... she wants to lay on my lap and watch movies! Is it bad that I actually enjoy the extra cuddles?! She never slows down unless she is sick.

amy f. said...

Cute lazy, sick, rainy day pictures.