Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Tim is feeling a little better. Thank the good Lord for antibiotics (and Walgreens).

TJ got HORRENDOUS sunburn today (even though I saw my neighbor put sunscreen on him). He's miserable and I just got back from a Meijer run to find aloe spray with pain killer in it.

Re: the previous post...THANK YOU so much to all my blogging commenter's about my Owey frustrations. I do love him so but he is a little maniac. I finally had to call my sis tonight and ask her if I could ride my bike over (of course Owen was in the bike carrier) just to escape for a little bit from sicky Tim. TJ hitched a ride with me and I left Jake with Tim (crying that he wasn't going) but I needed a break. Owen pulled my shirt up the whole time there and back, which is so funny tat my short limbed little dude can still find a way to reach things (especially those he shouldn't). I pittied the people behind me;-) Bra fat is a hideous thing;-)

I was such a rebel that I chose to fore go my helmet on my bike ride;-( In hind sight, that was dumb but I am thankful we made it home safely (and didn't get struck by lightening as it was pretty bad to out North.

Again, thanks for the sweet thoughts and comments. Please keep praying for my sanity and that CPS doesn't show up on my door step (of course, then I would get a break from the little terror;-).

Oh and about comcast, they actually have a team who surf the web searching for disgruntled customers...that's how I was found. I'll make sure to update everyone if anything comes of it;-)


April said...

You are so creative! I love the new page! The picture at the top is so adorable! Did you have it taken professionally?

See you later!

The Baker Family said...

I love the new page!! How did you do your title banner thingy?! I would LOVE to do something like that on my blog...please share your wisdom!!

Just so you know...there are MANY days I feel like I am going insane... and I only have one! How can you love someone so much but want to run away from them at the same time?!

Emily said...

Love the new look!

Oh, and I have to laugh at Owen pulling up your shirt! BearHug now does that to me, too. He then traces my stretch marks. Kids!

Thanks again for calling last night! I wish it would have worked out.

Candi said...

I love the new look! Hope you are doing well!!


Jennifer said...

Whoa! New blog look alert! I love it. LOVE the picture of the boys.