Friday, October 17, 2008

10 weeks, & a delay

I can't believe the lil guy is 10 weeks already! Really;-) He's now labeled a "fetus". And he was compared to the size of a kumquat (what's that?). I'm so amazed and thankful to have another baby growing inside of me.

I went to the doctor for my first appointment and he was surprisingly supportive and optimistic. As in, he thinks I have very good chances of having a normal healthy pregnancy and delivery (YAY!). I pray he's right. He also denounced (I think that's the right word) the myth that I can't have high blood pressure again and have a vaginal delivery. What he did say is that they rarely induce a VBAC (that is, a patient desiring to deliver vaginally after a cesarean delivery). He also said he'd monitor me closely and do some serial growth ultrasounds at 20 weeks but other than that, I'm good watching my blood sugar and blood pressure.

So, in other news, the Hospital (Clarian Arnett Health) opened today (Thursday). It was a delay of 24 hours from the anticipated opening of Wednesday morning, but the 24 hours was good for all of us to become more comfortable with all the equipment, etc. We finally have our first patient and we even have inductions on the books for tomorrow (Friday). I worked last night, tonight and I also work tomorrow night so, it's a good test of seeing how 12 hour shifts go and working lots in a row. Tonight has been harder with not much to do yet but I anticipate tomorrow night going faster since we should have at least a couple patients;-)

Oh and in really other news, the hermit crabs have been hilarious (at least to me;-) lately. The other day we noticed the bigger one changed shells again...into a really big one. Then the next day he was in a really tiny one. I finally got to looking and I realized somehow, the bigger one is back into his original shell that we bought him in and the little guy has now tried out at least 2 if not 3 homes for size. The little one is currently in the one the bigger one just weird. We wish we knew how the exchanges have taken place since the bigger guy is now in the shell the lil one was in all this time (like, did he evict him?).

Anyway, that's my excitement-not too impressive, I know. I'll get back to work now and go ask around about what a kumquat is;-)

Oh and we still need names.


Kirsten said...

Agh!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Because I'm completely negligent in the "blog checking" arena, I had not idea that you were expecting. I'm thrilled for you!!! I have to go read all of the back posts so that I get the full scoop in order. :)

Kristy V said...

Okay....a kumquat is a fruit that grows in the south. It is orange in color, and looks like a small oval shaped orange, between the size of a quarter and half a dollar. My grandmother had a tree full of them. They taste sweet and bitter at the same time.

Kara Townsend said...

Hey friend!
I'm totally loving the story of the hermit crabs. We are thinking about getting a couple...can't wait to hear all of your suggestions...could you actually do a post on "Preparations for Buying your First Hermit Crabs"..I need to know costs, items needed, what do they eat, etc...
And about Miss "kumquat"- she is proabably the most beautiful little fruit sized creature ever. I can just see her little "oval egg like" form jumping around in there saying "Go Mommy, Go! You are taking such great care of me already and I love you soooooooo much! I know you have no idea what you are going to do with a girl, but let me assure you I'm not nearly as crazy as the Townsend there is hope!" Teeheeee!!!!! Okay, all of you readers who are asking yourself "I didn't know it was a girl!" Let me clarify ONE giant thing....I, Kara, believe it is going to be a girl. If I'm be it. But until we see a little winker dinker doo on an ultrasound- it's a girl to me!
Now, about names...hmmmmm....she should definately be something cutesy as you said you liked.
Let's see...
T.J'er, Jakie, Owie and Kara. Ahhhh...thought sound perfect! teeehheeeeee! Now, for short, she could be called "Kara Bears"- I just love the sound of it! Okay, okay, if you aren't willing to name the baby girl after your bestest, most fabulous friend in the whole wide world, then I will resort to continuing my braistorming for the perfect name.
What about "Riley" or "Delaynie" or "Grace" or "Joy" and call her "Joybee". What about Alayna and call her "Laynie". How about Jayden and call her Jadie. Sophia and call her Sophie. Or you could go after my middle name "Kristine" and name her Kristine and call her Kristy- I love that! Alexis and call her "Lexy" or "Isabelle" and call her Bella. I LOVE the name "Cami" and call her "Camers".
What about "Jena"? I'm gonna keep brainstorming....!
Love you little mama of 4!

It's a beautiful day! said...

Those are some really great girl names! goes some fav names I'm passing on. Obviously we really like the name Luke, which of course is often shorten to Lukie, Lukie duke, etc... We have it paired with the middle name of Aaron. So trying it on for size...Luke Aaron Valiant...sounds kinda cool:-) We also like Stephen (but unless you want shorten it to Stevie doesn't really meet your specs). We have Peter in the bag of names if we have another one and it can be shortened as well to Petey(sp?) which can be kinda cute.
For the girls I like Ruthie (not Ruth, just Ruthie) and there is always Abigail and Grace that can be shortened to the "e" sound (abby, gracie). We also really like Anthea and I guess you would shorten it to "Anthie" as a nickname. Ok, so now I will leave you to thinking:-)