Wednesday, October 29, 2008

12 weeks (almost), sickies, my birthday, & pumpkin carving 101

I'm almost 12 weeks (tomorrow)...yay! I went to see my MD yesterday for a "was supposed to be quick heart beat check" and spent over an hour at his office. I'm not complaining...really. But they couldn't find the heart beat so then I needed an ultrasound to see little Baby V #4 jumping all around like the crazy baby s/he is. I expressed my concerns about suffering from a bit (understatement of the millennium) of insomnia and so we are going to try mild meds first before I move on to drugging myself silly to get some sleep;-) When I was leaving I asked him when to return and I was holding 4 fingers up for 4 weeks and he was like "uh, 2 weeks would be good" and my NP friend was standing there chatting with me laughing at me (and him) for his not listening to me and for his cautiousness with me...

So, today I'm sick (again). I'm sick of being sick. I was sick Saturday and even had to call off of work. Today I'm going out for my birthday after my evening Bible Study and I feel so yucky and appetite less and pathetic. Speaking of the big day (yesterday) was pretty good-I mean I got to see my little jumping bean on screen, I got lots of email birthday wishes and calls (thank you ALL!!!!). At work the gals all brought yummy food and my cake was pretty good;-). One gal even brought me in a card and a pretty little rose bush thingy-so sweet. My sis ran over a gift while I was at work and my hub put a gift from my best pal Kara in the van. Tim had the boys make a special card for me with their hand prints and got me a box of white fudge covered oreos (big spender;-). I got a new Vera Bradley hand bag from my dad and my mom spoiled me with lots of ginger bread themed Christmas decor. It was a nice day even though I worked and I loved being made to feel special...too bad my birth month is over soon;-)

Lastly, here's some much needed color for my picture sparse blog...Pumpkin carving 101 compliments of the Valiant boys:

1st you need a good design:

(if you are not allowed to design, you whine):

Cleaning out the innards is fun, but messy...Owen even got in on the action:

What a ham!

Finished product: Left to right-Owen's, TJ's, and Jake's masterpieces;-)


Kara Townsend said...

Cute punkins! Praying you get over this sickness has to totally stink for ya!
Later Gator,

amy f. said...

I'm glad your doctor is being cautious with you and your little one.

Love the carved pumpkins. Oh my goodness, I have not seen Owen FORever. He looks so old. I can't get over his head of hair!

I hope you had a good weekend and are feeling better :-)