Thursday, October 23, 2008

11 weeks, 33 years, and on being a brat

I'm going to post my title backwards.

On being a brat:

Who's the brat? WHO IS THE BRAT?

Me, me, me, ME.....MMMMMMMEEEEEEE! I'm the brat!

Have you ever just been a brat. Not like a typical lil sis 5 year old brat, but a full-fledged adult B-R-A-T?

I was today. Why? I dunno. I hate being a brat. I hate feeling like a brat. I hate acting like a brat. I hate other people knowing I'm being a brat.

So, why do I do it? I dunno. I hope I wake up tomorrow, not a brat.

On being 33 years-old that is. I am. Or will be-next Tuesday, the 28th of October (my fav date of the year of course). It will be my 3rd birthday in my lifetime being pregnant-the ultimate gift. Jacob just couldn't hold off til his due date to make it 4 times as it should be. I love birthdays (or at least mine;-). I love birthday cake (the kind I make). I love being made to feel special on one's birthday. I love my birthday and usually proclaim most of the month of October as "about me";-) I even planned my own carry-in at work since I have to work on my birthday. I'm bringing the cake;-) So, while I'm being a brat and being selfish, "happy birthday to me;-)".

On being 11 weeks preggo:

Here's where I gush. I'm so thankful to still be pregnant. I'm such a pregnancy freak and worry at every little cramp, etc. I've now checked for this little dude's heartbeat twice. I got to see s/he having a big ole party in my ever growing uterus-totally worthy of Cirque du Soleil moves. It's so miraculous to me. My one wonder-why do I remember being pregnant as such glorious times? I'm mean, sensitive, annoying, critical, tearful, selfish, tired, did I mention sensitive? Oh and FAT! I can't wait for 2 things 1) to find out he's a boy -uh, I mean to find out the sex, and 2) to feel him move inside me. That's what I think I relish about pregnancy. The bending over and not being able to reach the floor part-not so much.

Here's what they say about the 11th week of pregnancy: The baby is no longer a southern fruit (thanks Kristy) but instead now more like a large LIME! Grow lime baby lime! In just 3 short weeks I may be able to determine that s/he's a he! Ha! I know I joke about this and I'll let the cat outta the bag. Yes, a boy would be way easier, but it's true that I would be delighted with a girl until the first time she needs her hair done, she starts her period (OMGoodness!), she wants to wear a bikini or make-up! Ugh! The mysteries of young women. Oh and the ever -so accurate chinese birth calendar says it's a girl.

What's going on with me? Other than the previously mentioned "character flaws", my nails are growing like mad-kinda cool. I actually need to trim them. I'm supposed to feel "warmer" than usual but the opposite is true for me-I'm a cold-hearted snake! On a good news front-my b/p and bs (that is, blood sugar;-) are perfect. I've been working like a crazy lunatic mad woman at the hospital. I just worked 87 hours in 9 days-but I had had one night off (where I slept like a brick Saturday;-) I still work 24 more hours on this pay period so can you say "welcome home Wii for the Valiant boys this Christmas? Let's just say it's a strong maybe. Two of three Valiant boys have been sick this week so that's really been a challenge at home. Tim has taken some time off and I've sacrificed some much needed sleep. Oh the sickies were Owen and Jacob in that order and the ailment was fever and crankiness. Yay-a great no sleep combo. Fun for the whole family actually. Still haven't located the lost camera so we are still pictureless and it's really too bad because Owen's hair is soooo stinkin' cute. It's about 4-5 inches long and it won't lay down-it's got some crazy root volume plague and thus, stands on end all the time. He's a real hit with, well, pretty much EVERYONE who comes in contact with him. He's talking up a storm and has given up all signs for the more convenient "chatter". He even says his name is "O-wen". It's so cute-I must record it for you-well, if I had a recording device.

TJ and Owen's birthdays are nearing. TJ made the cutest list:

My birthday list,
Mars mission legos
Some more hermit crab stuff
A new football
Science books
A new alarm clock/radio
Sea shells
Hot wheel cars
New games
More money
Tinker toys
A phone
A net
Actaly any legos
Collering books and crayons

Isn't that priceless? Well, actually, it's really expensive but you gotta admire the ambition of it all and it's definitely an improvement from last Christmas' Laptop, Wii, playstation, $300 ramp, etc.

I should be sleeping but thanks to a very messed up internal clock-here I am typing away. I must stop this madness. I have 2 whole days off to relish so I need to be awake to enjoy them. Lay-ta!


amy f. said...

You didn't seem like "yourself" (from across the room) at H2H last night. At least you didn't get pointed out by Winnie for making a "strange" embarrassing. have warned me in the past about how you are when you're pregnant. Sounds like you're being true to pregnant Renay of the past then? I'm sorry your hormones get so out of whack.

I can't believe you worked 87 hours in 9 days...that is INsane. No wonder you're feeling bratty. Hope you feel better soon (or are already better on your day off!).

Kim said...

You sound chipper and happy and excited-not like a brat at all! We miss you in blog land lady! Just dropping in to say hello. And wishing you a very happy birthday! (early)

Kara Townsend said...

Hey friend!
We can all be "Brats" at various times in our life..I do get that! I'm a brat about 98.5 % of the time...the other 1.5 % I'm asleep dreaming bratty dreams! Thank the good Lord that He loves us through all of our yuck. By the way, I've not been able to talk with you as much lately to even know you were being a brat, so in my eyes, you have not been bratty.
I love the fact that you love your birthday as much as i love mine. Looks like this year, you are getting one shocker of a birthday present....well, it might be a bit late...depends on when "SHE" makes her grand debut and shows off different plumbing than you are used to. I KNOW it's a girl...I just do! Yes, strange..I know.