Sunday, October 12, 2008

9 weeks with not much to share

The baby is apparently pretty boring from week 8 to 9...I think he has pretty much all his parts now, they just need to grow and develop of course. He is the size of a strawberry. I told my lil' sis Amanda that and she said "Like a chocolate covered strawberry"...I chuckled and added-yes, with lots of marshmallow fluff too!

I've lost my new camera. It's actually been gone since the day we got back from the cruise-I took Owen's picture with it and we've never seen it since (*sad*).

I have no real news (nor photos) to share...*boring*.

I saw the movie FIREPROOF today though and I HIGHLY recommend it...seriously-just go see it...with your spouse-don't delay! Take your friends (and their spouses) too!

Maybe week 10 will be more interesting...until then;-)

PS still taking name winners yet (sorry but keep them coming! PLEASE! Play along-we need yourt help or this baby could remian nameless!). FYI Owen holds the current record as the longest without name...well into my second trimester and after I was on bedrest.


Kim said...

Renay, I am still thinking about you constantly. I am really thinking hard on the names. For a boy-what about Simon after our fave judge? ;-)