Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chicago bound...again.

So close!

blue eyes to melt your heart...

Just wanted to quick update that after much thought, we have decided to proceed with Owen's casting appt. He will be casted this Thursday morning and I believe we'll have to head back for the fitting in about 2 weeks. No, insurance hasn't approved it. They in fact, have told me verbally they will deny the request-not suprising as I went "out of network"...convenient that the only company in the country that specializes in plagiocephaly is OUT of network for Arnett HMO.

So, I'm taking on a bunch more hours at the hospital to pay for gas, the band, etc. I know that when all is said and done, I will be able to look Owen in the eyes someday and say, we did everything for you possible and always God provided;-) Please continue to pray as this journey begins, that our weekly trips to Chicago are quick and uneventful-and of course, for safe travels.

Also, that the band treatment would be a huge success and work even more quickly than they anticipate and that somehow (hmmm...maybe because God is soooo good) that HMO will either allow the treatment or accept the appeal. Oh, and that TJ and Jacob deal with all this well-it's going to be a LONG, hard 4 months;-(


Tonya said...

Owen! You are going to be even more devestatingly handsome than you already are! I don't know if the girls will be able to take it. Good luck with your trip and wishing you a safe journey!