Thursday, May 24, 2007

Through casting...i-pass;-)

1 Peter 5:7

CAST all you cares upon Him, for He cares for you! (my emphasis added;-)

Well, lol, Tim came up with this witty verse, which is so true, due to our adventure today-Owen's casting appt. We headed back to Chicago and here's some photos and details of the memorable event. And as for the verse, I need to meditate on it because I really have been going "nutso" with all the insurance run-around (they denied us;-( and issues with the geneticist, ENT docs, etc.

On a positive note, I feel so blessed that Tim came today! He was very supportive and helpful. In fact, you'll see his hands and him don the apron (in case the cast goo was strewn across the room-but it wasn't;-P in the photos with Owey.

Ya know the expression, 'it's a God thing', I believe that happened.

We were discussing on the way up about I-passes, you know-the toll road pass thingy you can get. We decided to try to check into it because of the frequency of our trips, etc. We asked at a toll and she told us we could look into it at an overhead oasis. Then, when we were close by Cranial Tech, Tim saw a Burger King (which he wanted to go to vs the oasis on the way back), so I figured the Oasis was out. But, he still stopped for me to run in and just "see". Anyway, long story short, it takes 2-3 weeks via online or mailed apps, but by the Grace of God, I-pass had a 2 hour set-up at this Oasis only today while I was there!!!! We left with the I-pass in hand and easily saved 20 minutes (and half price tolls) on the way home. It was a small thing but meant so much to me! Tim thinks the pass saves even 30 minutes plus off our drive (in the future) as there are 6 tolls total. Again, a little thing, but saving 50% and the time of stopping thru 6 tolls, will really make those weekly ventures-well-just better!

The Owester did so well today (and so did big brother Jake!). The whole thing only took about 10 minutes and the end product is an Owey head cast for his soon to come "head-sicle". They'll use this mold to make his band and the head-sicle to follow his progress. We got even more good news that because of his age adjustment back to 4 1/2 months, they are expediting his Band processing and we have our fitting June 4th. We may be called in as early as next Thursday if it's in sooner.

Ok, so for the HUGE prayer request! Please pray that when he is fitted, that it fits and that no pressure spots are evident as it would mean an extended stay in Chicago for adjustments, etc. They can't allow the red spots from pressure as it can break down his skin fast and then he couldn't wear the band until his head healed. This isn't usually a problem, but can happen so I am praying we are spared and the band just fits and starts doing it's thing!
Ok, better scoot-here's the pics from today!

Getting TJ off to his 2nd to last day of 1st grade

Jakes being the entertainment during the casting.

You're gonna do "what" to my noggin'?!?!

I have a mom who can find a photo opp in a waiting room!

Big Daddy dons the apron

Seriously, what is she smiling about?

You're putting that over my head and holding my arms CPS!!!

It can't be gone-more milk-more comfort food-please!!!

Seriously, what is HE smiling about?

You've got to be joking me! Will this stuff come off?

Ah, yes-I guess it will.

My Owen head cast. Head sicle coming soon!

Fresh duds for this clean baby. Naptime, here I come!!!

Hope you enjoyed the Photo Recap of my big adventure!


Tonya said...

He is precious!! I love the photo of him covered in cast goo! Good Job Owen! I know you were a trooper!