Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rollin', rollin', rollin'....

It finally happened and I'm afraid there ain't no stopping him now. I found him on his belly in his big boy crib after nap time yesterday but thought it a fluke...but I was wrong.

The boys were all playing upstairs and TJ yelled down, Owen keeps rolling over and won't stop.

So, it's official...my big-headed boy can finally roll onto his belly, but that big heavy head makes him roll back to his back just as fast. It's all quite cute and makes my heart heavy. One, because he's growing up (well, all but his belly, he still eats every 2-4 hours, ugh).

Second, we got a call from genetics and they found some abnormalities in one of Owey's chromosomes. It makes me sad...I know God made him perfect, but hearing that something really did get messed up in his wiring is like, well, just sad. I have wanted an answer so badly to why he's small and now I'm wishing I didn't know again. Ok, enough boo-whooing. As waiting seems to be a theme in my life, more tests must be done to give us conclusive answers. I find myself wondering what conclusive is nowadys, anyway!

Come to papa, cute lil pink bear!
I'll get you my pretty, evil cackle;->

Maybe if I just get this leg high enough..

I should've taken those pilates classes for babies!

Ah, a big victory for the little one!


Tonya Sweat said...

You have to love our big-headed babies! It helps with the momentum, you know, rock n roll, rock and roll! Your a cutie Owey!! Knoah says "keep on movin man!!"