Wednesday, May 16, 2007

News, no news, and news

So, we had our 3 appts in INdy. The middle was the most important to me and it yielded the least info-no news;-(

Our first appt with ENT gave us news...not what we were hoping for -Owen indeed needs tubes. We have surgery scheduled at Riley for June 12th...early am;-6

Our 2nd appt was with the geneticist. I was/am dissappointed-we didn't get to see the Specialist we were expecting and we really learned very little we didn't already know. Owen had blood tests and full skeletal surveys (xrays) and a cat scan. Fun, fun. He did quite well and was a real tropper today with lots of pokes and proding and little time for naps. The blood work will take about a month and the xrays will go to Cedars Sinai in CA-we are to expect 6 months for the results-UGH, major UGH!!!

Our 3rd appt was with urology-the best news of the day, Owen needs no intervention nor close monitoring of a "pee-pee" related issue they were originally concerned about. He will be reevaluated around 18 months if I feel he hasn't improved (he should grow out of the pee-pee issue;-).

So, that's all folks-ho, hum. I guess no news is better than bad news. I'm the most dissappointed because I went with a dx in mind and the MD just blew me off. I'm getting used to that. I wish I could find a doctor who really listens;-( Oh well, the Lord has other plans-like for me to persevere, be patient, etc I guess;-)

I head to Chicago tomorrow to the noggin specialists. I'm nervous about the insane drive-just me, Jakes and the O are heading up there. But when the eval is over, we'll head over to see Amy and little Quinn and that is exciting as I haven't seen Quinn in person for 3 years!!!! She's doing great and is scheduled to get her trach out later this month!!! Yea Quinny!

Ok, later gators. Back to the Price is Right Million dollar extravaganzza!!! We'll miss ya Bob!