Sunday, May 06, 2007

I'm 6 months old!!!!

My first 3-6 month outfit! I christened it by having a nice blow out
the 1st few minutes I was wearing it;-)

Hey Everyone,

It's the Owester-miester here...that's what mom, dad and my brothers call me. Along with Owester, Owenator, Owey, Gorgeous, Beautiful, etc. I'm not really sure what my name is!

I finally hit the BIG half year mark. Mom tears up to think of me as 6 months old! I'm getting big too! At my six month check up, I weighed 11 pounds 11 ounces and was 22 1/8 inches long. I'm doing pretty well. I have a few new things that I'm really liking. Mom and Dad got out my Exersaucer, cleaned it all up and rigged it up for me so my legs will reach so I can play in it;-) I also am enjoying my little people farm overhead gym and my new be'be' pod chair. It's so cool, mom will have to take a picture of me in it so you can see it. Oh, and I really like mom to carry me around in the hip carrier she got;-)

I'm starting physical therapy soon to help me gain strength and coordination-especially with my left side and being on my belly pushing up on my arms.

I have my big appointments in Indy coming up. I am heading there this week to see developmental specialists (just to make sure I'm on track) and then my really big day is on the 16th when I see 3 specialists in one day. Aunt Heather is coming with me and mom. I also am waiting for one more appt to be scheduled with a neurosurgeon just to make sure everything with my noggin is ok.

I'm really happy and everyone is always going on about how cute and sweet I am. It's hard to be humble:-)

I think that's about it for my 6 month update. Check back for more updates soon and more pictures too of course!

Love and sloppy slobery kisses! The Owester