Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bands officially off;-(

So, Owen woke up this morning with a mean, ugly, angry RED SPOT...not just any spot either! A Big ole red bump! Authentic swelling and all. Guess what the band people said about it..."oh, that's not supposed to happen". Hmmmm....it's not easy being a medical marvel.

Speaking of being a medical marvel. Apparently, there are 2 cases of Owen's type of Chromosome deletion in the literature. So, how's that for being 1 in a couple billion?

Ok, so truth is, this whole gene mapping thing is pretty new so it really just may be that there are only 2 reports because it's so new, but let me boast in our rarity for half a second;-)

Tim and I had our blood drawn today to see if we are the originators of Owen's medical mysteriousness or if we don't have the deletion, then it's considered de novo (new) fancy, huh? The geneticist saw Owen again today and was of course, baffled. Unfortunately, Owen disobeyed and didn't pee on him or anything! They also will do some more tests on Owen to see if there's any endocrine component plus a few other things.

Ok, so back to the band issue. Essentially we are doomed to make a trip up before Monday's scheduled check but the worst part is, he can't even wear the band again until the silly red spot goes away!!! It's been 8 hours and it's still there-ugh.

So, that's the news for now. Check back in a few minutes as there's sure to be something new;-) he, he:-)


Tonya and Knoah said...

Owey :( You have an Owie :(
I am sorry!! Tell that yucky lump to go away!

Kisses on your boo-boo!!

Susana Martinez said...


I was redirected to your blog from the Yahoo Plagio group. You have such an amazing story, I read all the way back.

I can really understand what you felt. My little Claudia was born 3 weeks before time but it seems she wasn´t growing well in the utherus. She was borned with low weight, plagio, clubfeet, reflux and low muscle tone. She had to be one month in the hospital. I also had a c-section and recovery was quite long and complicated. I really fell so scared and blessed and happy at the same time.

My little miracle has changed my live, I agree with you, now I don´t take health for granted and enjoy every moment of the day being thankfull to God for everything that he has given me.

First months were hard, now she is one year old, still not very big but after many tests and genetic studies it seems everything was postural.

Life can be so complicated with babies but at the same time amazing fellings of love and happiness come everyday to give you joy.

Good luck with the band! I hope it gets better!