Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Surgery Success and Chicago Catastrophe!

The surgery went really well today. Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes.
Owen was a trooper. He didn't even have a meltdown until just before it was time to go back...pretty good for a baby that eats every 3-4 hours 24/7 (was 6 plus hours fasting with a decent blood sugar).

The best part was when he was beginning his meltdown just prior to surgery time. They decided to give him a little Versed to "relax him". Ohmagosh! He was soooo cute (and drunk looking:-). He could hardly keep his eyes open but he was fighting it so hard! He just kept starring at me and reaching out for my face. I truly wish I had a recorder with me, but the picture above was close;-) The main diff was he kept his mouth open just a little in his much relaxed state. We were so tickled! We being myself and my sister Heather-who loves Owey sooo much!!!

Finally an agonizing hour and a half after they took him away (ok, so-notsomuch....we fell asleep waiting;-) they told us it went well but that his extreme small ear openings and canals made it much more difficult than anticipated. So then we waited for them to bring him back from the recovery room-he was a "horse" not-so-happy camper. Luckily, since I'm such a smart momma (he, he), I had a bottle ready and popped it right in his starvin' lil' mouth. He of course, went right to sleep. He did get tubes and had lots of fluid in both ears-more in the left so his hearing test still showed a little loss but they think it will be ok.

So, we were able to venture home, and get some much needed zzz's (we were up at 4am).

He has been a sleepy beepy this afternoon but as you can see in the photos, he's doin' great already.

Did the Chicago Catastrophe label pique your interest...well, at least you read this far. Here's my drama, drama, drama from yesterday's misery.

We had a noggin' check at 11:30 so we left bright and early at 8:45. Not an hour into the trip we are stopped on I-65 for 20 minutes for no apparent reason in stand still traffic. Once I finally got back and going again, I made my usual pit stop just before getting on 80/94. Bathroom break and sometimes a drink for the boys. This time I also had to splurge on cold medicine as I was miserably snotting and snorting (sorry for the TMI). We were back and cruising and taking the 80/94 exit when panic came over me! Just driving along thru the construction haven (I should save havoc)...and a little unknown light came on my dash board. Hmmmm....what could this mean? I have run-flat tires and have never gotten a flat-could this be a warning light? So I call Tim at work (DH for dear husband for those of you who aren't in the "know" like I wasn't until recently). DH says to just pull over and read the manual.

So, I have 4 kiddos with me- my 3 and my niece who's 8 packed in the Sienna. I'm not pullin' over on the interstate! So I take the first exit and pull into the gas station/Subway. I read the manual and it's says adjust tire air pressure. Oh, whew...I can do that. So, I proceed to find quarters to pay for the air pump and the bread man with his truck is there and I just ask him how you know when it's full. He looked clueless so I wasn't so sure he was the best choice for inquiries. But, he came over to help me and he was trying to fill it as we heard the distressing sound of air escaping the tire. Ughhhhh...my first thought? Why God? My 2nd, what do I do? Then I calmed some and proceeded to find out that run flat tires are supposed to get you up to 100 miles before stopping (I stopped already though,ugh) so you could hypothetically get to a repair center. I was not near a repair center. Where was I?

I was in Gary, IN. Please tell me you know about Gary, IN...

Go to search.com and type in Gary, IN. You will see on the right side of the screen lots of things to find-crime rate pops up first. It is the 5th most dangerous city- IN THE NATION!!!! One website had it listed as murder capitol of THE WORLD!!!

What on Earth? Lord, why am I HERE? I wasn't panicking though. I was quite calm. I knew it was bad when I asked for a phone book and they called security. What gas station has full-time security? For a phone book?

DH was working back home to find out how to proceed while I had AAA trying to help.

To try to tame the long story, 3 hours of waiting in Gary, IN, Tim and a tow truck driver show up. The tow truck driver, says "Ma'am, do you know where you are? You are in Gary, IN-the worst place in the world to break down." Thanks fella, is all I could think.

SO, we load the kiddos in the camry and I get to ride with Mr. personality and get the 10cent tour of the "region". Once, we were at the tire repair center, DH takes Lindsey (our niece) to wait for the Van while I loaded up the boys to head into Chicago for Owey's noggin' check-which most people might've ditched at this point, but I forged ahead, knowing the poor little guys skin was starting to breakdown (like a rug burn-see photo) and he NEEDED to be seen.

They saw us 4 1/2 hours late and made adjustments, etc. Owen can't wear the band again until his head heals-bummer, we all thought he was making a lil progress.

DH was able to head home with Lindz after a simple puncture repair (free of charge-Praise God!).

I was trying to high-tail it home for a ball game for TJ at 7:20pm...he made it, just in time!

It was a crazy and trying day. Can't wait to go back next Monday, not!

FYI, Gary wasn't so bad-at least the Gas station/subway in Gary, wasn't so bad. Many people tried to help (few understood why I don't have a spare) and one lady even offered to go inside and get me a drink. Owen must have been nervous as he made 3 yucks while there and you can imagine how fun it is to cram 4 kiddos, a stroller and my exquisite physique into a stall to change his diaper. Oh, well-at least God had a few good laughs at my expense yesterday as looking back-it was quite comical...thanks for the memories Gary, IN.


Tonya said...

Yeah Owey!! I am SO GLAD everything went alright!! It is Knoah's turn now!!

Catherine said...

Renay you poor thing! As much as I feel for you, I have to admitt the story was highly entertaining!