Tuesday, June 19, 2007

So strong, stinky feet, sqeaky clean & super sweet!

Owen impressed me today when I was working in the kitchen...I caught him arching his back and I said "Are you stretching?" and he would repeat the 'arching motion' each time!

So strong!

I found my feet!!! Ok, so actually Owen did! I already know where mine are-but I'm not so sure I can mimic this newfound skill he has. We wondered if he'd be able to do this as it's a developmental skill he should've already been doing and with shorter limbs, it seemed a stretch for him-but here he is! We are so blessed each time he does something new! He has left sided weakness and grip strength issues, so this is quite a feat-pun intended;-)

Stinky Feet!!!

I laid down today when I put Owen down for a nap, but just before, I 'lectured' the boys on helping out more since they have been 2 little piggies since summer break started. An hour later when I came down with Owen, this is what I found. The first shot they didn't know I was watching. The second is when I said "Boys!" and they turned to me. They had plenty of soap and I must say Jacob is the world's best rinser, but moral of the story-you may want to not visit for a meal at our house for a couple days, because I didn't rewash the dishes;-)

Squeaky Clean!!!

On father's day, I dressed Owen in these new duds I got him super cheap at Target (don't you just love Target?). They have a great clearance now and these size newborn shorts actually 'fit'.

The first pic is to show the shirt, the second is to show the cute pose I caught...feel free to leave a comment with your quote that you think he's saying....this could be super fun to see what people come up with.

Mine is "Mom, God knows you are late for church taking these pictures of me!"

PS I had no time to proof, forgive the typos!!!


Catherine said...

I think Owen is telling his brothers to go and do the dishes because they are lazy. It worked! Hey, see Tonya's blog for the copywrite skinny. Apparently there is picture theft going on. It's explained in her entry back a few days.

Tonya said...

Oh, you have to love that stinky toe jam! Yum! Thankfully, Owne's fingers are going into his mouth! :)