Saturday, July 28, 2007

Aunt Amanda's Reception and our trip to WI

We've been back from our week long trip to WI for a couple days now. Things have been quite hectic, especially with Tim out of town. It was a fun time-very hot up there though.

Here are the boys playing go fish. My sister Amanda's new husband Jason would be losing to my genius TJ but Owen kept Jason from completely bombing out of the game.

As Owen ponders, he sees he needs a Shark card...TJ says-nope, GO Fish!
Don't let the twinkly eyes and gorgeous smile fool you...Amanda kept her distance from her nemesis Owen-aka the puking baby. I'll have you know he got her at least twice-way to go Owey!
Geesh...being at ma-maw Becca's is tiring. ZZZZZZZZ
TJ kept busy playing computer games when his Uncles and Mam-paw Andy were away at work.

Dufus me, this is SERIOUSLY the only shot of Amanda I got and my camera was on some weird setting. So sad. She looked gorgeous though! And it was a fun time!

Here's "New" Uncle Jay showing Owen can see here we jazzed up his band just for the occasion. He was the hit of the party..sorry Amanda;-)

The kids had fun trying the gourmet food, bottomless sodas and Jazz music.
I even got to enjoy the evening as Owen was a really good boy.
Jake's duds.
TJ enjoying an appetizer-yes, that is crumbs between his teeth. And no, he hasn't even a loose tooth in his near 8 yr old mouth;-)
We ended up coming home one day early after I got a cold and Owen seems to be teething. We actually came home to meet with Owen's new OT gal so we could see what she thinks of Owen's eating issues before his 9 month check up. We gave him some mashed potatoes at a restaurant and he choked.
All in all, it is always wonderful to get to visit, have my mom's great cooking, play games and laugh til we nearly puked. Oh and the shopping was good too!
The boys also got to go fishing -I think this was their highlight-thanks Mam-paw Andy! (and Uncle Zach)