Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just a quick post to show off Owey's 8 month pix!!! He was so darling! I used major self control and just got the basic pkg ($8 bucks). Anyway, I'm off to Chicago in the morning-no, not for Owey's head check but instead for me!!! Yes, I'm off to 4 blissful days in Chicago for a conference for PChef-yea! Can ya tell I'm a bit giddy about it? It's always really fun and a real boost for the business as we enter the fall. I'll miss the boys but will enjoy the "me" time. Pray for our safety (5 gals going) and for the safety of our families while we're away. And for my sanity when I return. It's always a no win. Either the house is a wreck because they had so much fun or it's in tip top shape and makes me feel bad that I can't keep it all together and be a "fun"mom;-(

Oh well...life's short, right? Gotta get as there's tons to do to prepare for my excursion...on a "yea me" note, I made the boys lasagna so they'd have some good yums while I'm away-I can't wait to tell Tim! He'll be suprised and delighted by my sweet gesture. Oh, and he's taking the boys up for Owen's band check tomorrow too. Then, they may head to the museum (we somehow get free admission???)-we'll see, he's way braver than me;-)


Anonymous said...

SO, awesome that you're getting some time away!! You deserve it!
Leslie V.

Tonya said...

Lucky you!!

Rest for me some, okay!!
Safe travels!!