Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Beautiful Newlyweds!

Jason says:
Greetings from Jamaica!
I am very proud to announce my wife Mrs. Druxman!!! Mrs. Amanda Dawn Druxman!
Anyhow we wanted to get a picture off to you all and please forward it to those who may be missed as we don't have everybody's email address down where we are. As you might have guessed....knowing me....I have tons more photos to share.
We are having a fantastic time and have tons of stories to tell!
All the best to you all!
With love,
Jason and Amanda Druxman
(Renay says: I feel I forwarded it along nicely!)


Tonya said...


You have such a wonderful family!! You are extremely lucky girl!

Wishing Amanda and Jason a happy honeymoon and safe travels!