Thursday, July 19, 2007

Breaking news...

AP-Lafayette, IN

This is the scene of one toddler's tragic end in a small town in the Midwest. Not just any end-his mom reports, but the end of the battle of staying in the bathroom until he would "make things right with his mommy". His mother explains "We were out doing errands and he just wouldn't obey." So once home, his mother relays, he was made to stay in the bathroom until he was ready to obey.

As you can see from the crime scene report photos, he gave in to his toddler ways and "passed out" from the exhaustion of being 'stubborn'.

Maybe in the end, he did win out as he probably won't remember why he was made to stay in the bathroom anyway once he regains consciousness. Sleeping angel or sin-laden toddler?-You be the judge.

His brother TJ adds, "he just wore himself out from being naughty".

His mother was let out on bond, paid via 2 sinks worth of dishes, 4 loads of laundry and lawn mowing duty. His father was not available for comment. One things for sure, you won't find him watching TV, nor riding his bike any time soon.


Nicole L. said...

Oh, this is hillarious! How can they be so bad and yet soooo cute?