Friday, July 20, 2007

Indiana Beach Trip

We went to a relatively "local" theme park, called Indiana Beach. It was our comp trip from my "other job" at the hospital. We had a wonderful day. We were blessed with incredible weather and everyone had so much you can see, even Owen LOVED riding around in his shady car seat;-)

This is a ride the boys went on. There was a much larger version right next to it that I braved alone because it required 52" height. You can see TJ was a bit reluctant to enjoy this "baby version".

Oh, I think a smile may be breaking...
Still trying to be "cool"...'s all over-he cracked...cracked up I should say-it was a fun ride!

A great photo of their heights...TJ could do all but 2 rides, Jake was a bit more limited, as for Owen-let's just say his ride band went unused;-)

While TJ and Tim tried a "big boy" ride, the little ones enjoyed the view of the water. A cool water ski and high dive show soon followed.

Jake in his biplane.
Mommy was a sucker for Jake's waiting times when TJ got to go on big rides so I got his face painted. He was worth the two bucks!
We enjoyed playing in the water. TJ and I even braved the water slides. Tim sat and watched from the beach. Me and the two older boys even went on a ride called the big flush which got me soaked. We enjoyed a full day of fun and finally headed home just before 11pm!


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