Tuesday, August 21, 2007

2 first days (& a lil Owey too:-)

Breakfast for Jacob on his 1st day of preschool on Tuesday August 21st, 2007...his choice for breakfast-Cocoa Pebbles...how will we use the special celebrate plate? Oh, don't fear-mom will make due, without even a sweat on the brow-we'll have a classy bowl on plate style breakfast. TJ prayed for him and his brother's food to be blessed and threw in a really cute "thank you that it's Jacob's 1st day of school and my6th;-)" So cute...

Jacob went around saying "It's my 1st day of pwe-school Owers!" It was also super cute. Oh and say cheese!

A Jacob request to have his photo shot with Owey.
Uh, enough mom.

Placing his backpack on his hook of choice, or should I say, HOOKS of choice (he used 2 hooks so the bag would hang perfectly straight, uh-I think he may've got some of my OCD genes).
Jacob with his 1st ever teacher, Mrs. Thomas with his new blue school box.
Searching for his cubby...it's the one on the lower right;-) Cute hands on hips, huh?
Jacob's classroom is the kitty cat classroom so here he is with his kitty cat name tag.
The hot air balloon board, which includes his balloon (upper left corner) and all the others his classmates and the pre-k4 class made on their "ramp-up" day. He has 13 classmates. Only 4 stay all day. School gets out a 11:30...I'm guessing it will be fast 3 hours for Owey and me and frequent "Oh my gosh, it's already 11:30 we're late" type of days. Plans to be on time today and surprise him with a trip to Chick-Fil-A.

TJ's 1st day of second grade- Tuesday August 14th, 2007 Breakfast of choice, FRESH Blueberry Pancakes, on the special Celebrate Plate, of course.
Oh, my weepy heart, soooo handsome!
Did I mention my almost 8 yr old, now second grader is the only one in his class with no loose (or subsequent missing) teeth.... weird.
Such happy brothers!
A TJ requested pix as he is ready to lave me and assume a place on the bleachers and await the mini-pep session to begin.

What would a post be without pics of the Owers? Here he is with a recent new habit-"binkie or bottle, uh, I'll take both".
"I really thought I could help mom by vacuuming, I got a bit tied up though".

At TJ's 1st day pep session. No teeth, but lots of drool and fingers in mouth.
Working on stabilization and sitting. Doing quite well...and so cute while doing it;-)
By the way, I held back the tears this am with dropping Jacob by. He started to blow me a kiss good bye, but ran over and gave me a full hug! Ah, a great mommy moment. It's just me and the "O" now-only 2 hours left after finishing this post....what shall I do....hmmmm...decisions, decisions!


tonya said...

Ya know...I NEVER thought I'd actually say this out loud, but..."I CAN'T WAIT TILL THE KIDS START SCHOOL!!!"

Ok, I am done...don't feel down, our baby blues will cheer us up...after they have spit up the 5th bottle and nearly given us heart attacks from chocking fits....we'll be just fine!!

Way too go TJ and Jacob!! You look handsome on your first days of school!!

Anonymous said...

Renay, You have such beautiful children! I so enjoy your blog. I feel like I know all of you...it's so nice.

Jennifer/Owen W's grandma/Cat's mom