Saturday, August 11, 2007

Almost there and a penny for your thoughts...

Oh my big boy! I can't believe the progress he's made in less than 2 weeks. He has gone from a complete aversion to this knees tucked position to trying to pull to it himself. If I put him in this position, he will hold it now for a few seconds as he did for this photo, instead of what he did do, which was cry and resist his legs being "tucked" by flailing (sp). He's just doing so well!

Now for a quick "his life flashed before my eyes" story- A penny for your thoughts. For months, I have been telling the boys to keep all things small picked up and even been as dramatic to tell them Owen will DIE if he gets any little toys, etc in his mouth. So, today, just before Jake went outside, he gave ME 2 pennies and said to keep them for him. As things turn out, I'm not a very good keeper apparently. I set them on the arm of the couch where I was sitting. I had been up and down and in out out numerous times. I think Owen was even in bed (safe) when Jake first turned the pennies over to me. So anyway, I was sitting back at this spot (on the couch) and Owen was "crawling around". In a flash, I heard him choke, literally 2 feet away from me and I moved like lightening to his aid and saw a penny on the floor in front of him and looked to they SPOT where I had put those stinkin' pennies...they were both gone and I gasped oh my gosh! And Tim and Jacob rounded the corner from the kitchen in another flash and dashed to my aid, knowing it was serious. I had visions of performing the Heimlich on my poor lifeless baby and of obstruction surgery if it got caught (and that would be a good case scenario, as it meant he wasn't dead from choking). Tim immediately began searching for the 2nd penny and I watched Owen closely as I did it...yep, I blindly performed the finger sweep of his mouth, praying I didn't push the penny back further if he did have it in his mouth. There was nothing there so I took a deep breath and Tim asked what we should do, I said "watch his poop for that penny if we don't find it"...but to the PRAISES of The Lord ....hallelujah-we found penny #2 in between the couch cushion. If you hadn't followed, he (Owen) had stopped gagging before the finger sweep and I assumed he either had it in his mouth or had swallowed it. (I know it was a little confusing in all the drama.)

Oh the drama. I actually scolded Owen afterwards at how scared he had me and how I nearly had a heart attack. I think he felt a bit of remorse and I doubt he does such a thing again-or maybe 'not so much'.

Can you imagine? UGH!

Oh and to really finish off the story with a bang, when Tim told Jake what happened, but before finding the 2nd penny, he said "ohhhhh, I was going to save those but too also."


tonya said...

Ahh! Thank God he didn't get them!!
My oldest swallowed a penny, BAD MOMMY! ER and X-Rays! We saw the coin, traveling to find it's way out....never did find it....