Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A year in the making...

August 6th, 2006...

This was the day that our "Owen" journey really began. What a difference a year makes. I wouldn't have (and couldn't have) dreamed a year ago when I was hospitalized with severe pain due to a bum gallbladder and then the subsequent extreme high blood pressure (I was only 19 and 1/2 weeks pregnant with no history of high blood pressure ever) that I'd be where I am today.

Today was a day where my biggest worry was waiting in a crowded MD's office at Riley Children's Hospital for an ear recheck (for 2 hours). Today was a day that I had to deal with an incredibly fussy, tired, and hungry 3 year old.

Today was a day I had to take frozen pee with us to Riley so Owen could have more testing (his pee, use your imagination as to how I collected it). Today was a day where I had to try and explain to a lab tech that the not-so-very frozen pee was as good as it gets and he need just run the test and stop bustin' my chops that it wasn't perfectly frozen-get a grip man.

Today was a very patient day for me. Even with all the adversity I experienced, none of it mattered because I am not on bedrest praying and pleading with God to keep me well and more importantly give me a healthy baby. I was not lying in a hospital room wondering why my B/P was looming dangerously high. I was not worried about how to take care of Jacob or get TJ off to school. I am not fearful that I may have a seizure or my organs shut down due to HELLP syndrome. I did not worry about my spouse staying up past midnight paying bills, cleaning house and planning my care. I did not have to lay around wondering if the kicks I feel would result in a baby to hold-today I got to experience the precious joy of Owen standing in my lap. I got to kiss his face and head, stare into his eyes, watch him smile and sleep-and even hear him giggle and say "ma,ma". I sat and smelled him. I bathed him. All things last year at this time I wondered if I'd ever get to live these privileges. This time last year, I couldn't have imagined a better today.

Today I praise God (again) that He has blessed us so abundantly and even performed a miracle in giving us Owen---a baby once not expected to make it to viability (24 weeks gestation), a baby once not expected to take his first breaths, a baby once not expected to live a healthy life...

What a day today has been. Today was a good day. A very good day.


How Life is Measured said...

I got teary reading that. We are so lucky to have Owen. 2 miracles, 2 Owens. I think I may name all my future children Owen just in case.
Talk to you soon!

Tonya said...

Yes, it is a good day!!

Kisses to Owen!!