Saturday, November 08, 2008

13 weeks, etc

I'm a slacker. It's true. I didn't post my Halloween pictures yet and am 2 days late on posting about my hitting 13 weeks.

So, here are Halloween pics:

For the record, the boys were supposed to be dragon slayers and Owen a dragon, but the costume didn't fit Owen so we found (luckily) this puppy costume Jake once wore and then Jake decided to be batman again. I was SOOOO sick so we went to the mall and the candy was pathetic and I felt awful both physically and emotionally that I wasn't well enough to take the boys out in the neighborhood, so when we got back to our neighborhood I dropped them off and watched them from the van as they walked house to house...of course, I was way too sick to fend off sickos who could harm them, but I had the strength to run over any would be child predators with my minivan. Anyway, a neighbor saw me in my pathetic attempt to allow a little door to door trick or treating and offered to take them around. The boys ending up making out in the candy department and I dozed in my comatose state on the couch.

I went on an antibiotic and finally improved though I am still not 100%. Snot is a horrid thing.

So, I am now 13 weeks along-yay! And very happy to be entering my 2nd trimester. The pregnancy websites really don't say much about fetal development and such at 13 weeks so a pretty boring update, I guess. I do have a bit of bummer type news. I am still coming to terms with it so forgive the woe-is-me aspect of the following: I was started on insulin yesterday. Long story short, I had been having some high blood sugars and symptoms of such and called the in and was started on insulin. This upsets me on so many levels. First, I know my blood sugar was fine just months ago. Back in March, I had a test that can tell with high accuracy how ones blood sugar runs over the course of 2-3 months and it was superb...seriously awesome. So this means I was NOT diabetic nor pre-diabetic just months ago. And yet, here I am, only 13 weeks along and on insulin-not just diet controlled gestational diabetes, but on INSULIN! Ugh. And the kicker, gestational diabetes (GDM) is just that-GESTATIONAL. It occurs after a specific gestation in the pregnancy-namely after the 2nd trimester but as early as 20 weeks the placenta can cause some women to need insulin. So where does that leave me? Clueless, honestly. I have 2 appointments next week, so I'll be asking questions. My biggest point in sharing all this, other than to vent, is to ask for prayer...GDM can cause lots of complications and I'm thinking it will be a definite sentence of a repeat c-section for a variety of reasons...but more importantly, I am concerned for the baby's health.

So, that about sums up my past week or so. A couple birthday parties, trick-or-treating, a near death cold (I'm so dramatic) and a crappy pregnancy diagnosis.



Kara Townsend said...

I'm praying! We are just quite a pair right with your issues and me with diverticulitis-
I'm wanting to get healthy!

Lora said...

Praying for you and Baby Valiant's continued health! I love seeing the pix of your brood!