Sunday, November 30, 2008

16 weeks, & a lil' cute stuff

Yay! The 16 week made for a very thankful Thanksgiving to hit 16 weeks. I feel more flutters everyday and still think he's a he. No baby sites compared him to fruit this week so I think the days of size comparison to fruit are over (sad). ***Oh wait...hold the phone! I was looking back up what a site has to say about being 16 weeks and they said he's as big as an avocado-YAY!!! Thank you!!

I'm getting more and more anxious for my ultrasound but know that I have to wait nearly a month! Oh well, a great Christmas gift it will be. Boy those sites for pregnancy are right on though...16 weeks and you may be experiencing increased breakouts....yes indeed-blemishes are abound and NOT my friend! And while I don't like to discuss the "chests" of women, let's just say mine has hmmmm.

Anyway on to cuter things...let's start with this conversation: Me: "Owen, do you want a hotdog for lunch?" Owen: "Ot-dog pwease". Me:" And ketchup" Owen: "pep-pup" - "Otdog and pep-pup". Me: "Ok be patient, I'll cook it. Hey Jake, do you want a hotdog for lunch?" Jake: No, I'm allergic. Me: "what, you're allergic???". Jake: "Yes, allergic". Me: "what happens when you eat one?" Jake: "I had one the other day and didn't like it anymore so now I'm allergic". Me: "ok Jake". *Shaking head*.

Picture me while sitting on the couch eating a snack, Owen walks up and says "bite of it". Picture me, jaw dropping..."Owen, you want a bite of it?". Yes pwease he says.

TJ has done lots of cute things too lately but I'm drawing a blank right now. He did snuggle up to me on the couch and put his hand on my growing sweet. He also reportedly prays for me, the baby, and my diabetes everyday at school. My little prayer warrior;-) He's also working on being a real life song star "all he'll want for Christmas is his two front teeth;-)"

Hope to have more excitement for my week 17 post:-) Maybe more pics too;-)


Andrea said...

When my son was in Kindergarten, he didn't know what "allergic" meant and a teacher asked the class if onyone was allergic to nuts and my son raised his hand--he thought it meant that you liked something alot. He came home all upset because he was the only one who didn't get a cookie and he liked them the most! His first lesson on speaking up!!

amy f. said...

Congratulations on 16 weeks...that's exciting. The Owen conversations are precious.

Kara Townsend said...

I too am getting excited about your official ultrasound...when exactly is it so I can mark the calendar? See you tomorrow night at Heart 2 seems like forever ago!
lov eyou,

Emily said...

Wow! 16 weeks! I love the Owen comments. He is a talker! And how fabulous that TJ is a prayer warrior already. :) I've missed you at H2H (because I've not been there)! I'm hoping to be there soon...I've just had to pick and choose which things to do lately. Frustrating to not be able to do it all...