Thursday, June 11, 2009

7 weeks-Milestone alert!

wait for it...'s coming

not quite...

ah! there it is! The Griffinator Salivation has a new trick-

He can smile on demand!

It's been coming for weeks now-but I wanted to be sure and catch it on good ole dig media!;-)

Also, Owen has had an up and down night. He woke up from his 2 hour nap on me at 7pm and was very outta sorts. He was not due for pain meds yet, so we sat outside (it's a nice night here). He had a Popsicle and his pain meds and then a gentle wagon ride around the neighborhood (thanks L&D gals for the red wagon-it's a smooth ride;-). Now it's more Scooby for all of us;-)



love it! Sorry I haven't emailed ya. Life has gotten crazy. I think you can relate. You have 4...I just have 3. ;)

Jennifer said...

Griffin is just too cute! I can't believe he's 7 weeks already! Wow that went so fast. Hope Owen feels better real soon. Poor guy!

amy f. said... sweet. 7 weeks already? Going fast!

As far as the cove and donning our fat suits (as you so lovely, but truthfully, put it)...we will only be around Monday or Tuesday next week and at this point we don't have any plans. Will one of those days work for you? You are so brave wanting to do that with all of the kiddos, by the way. Is that something Owen can do though? Of course, it depends on the weather, too.....let me know.

Kara Townsend said...

awe..owen looks so sweet. I can't imagine how tough it is to see your child in pain like that and recovering. You are a great mommy and I know you have just the right way of caring for him!
And Griff...that boy looks older than when I just saw him a week ago.
love you,

Tiffany said...

He's SO adorable! =]