Monday, June 29, 2009

Do you SWAG?

If not, you should be!

What's swagging, you ask? Ahhhh...I'm glad you asked!

Simply click the banner, sign up for an account and begin earning "search" points for every search you do.

What? Why would I search through swagbucks instead of google, etc?

From swags site: features a best in trade search feed, which includes results from Google & If you're already searching the web, why not win prizes, while continuing to receive the same great results you are accustomed to?

So, frankly, you should use it simply because swagbucks pays you to search and it's just that easy!

I've been using it for about a month (very mild use as I have little to search nowadays) and have earned my first amazon gift card...and there are lots of prizes but gift cards are my fav.

How will you remember to swag search? Great question! They've thought of it though-just upload their toolbar and click it everytime you want to search. You'll be awarded approx 1-5 swag bucks every few searches- so, in my case, in one year of swagging, I should easily have $60 in amazon gift cards-simply for clicking a different search browser than I used to use.

Go ahead, try it! I dare ya!

Search & Win


Kristy V said...

I Swag! We started at the beginning of the year and have enough for $20 in Amazon G.C.

amy f. said...

I do not swag and had not heard of it. I'll have to mention to Mike.