Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Grand intentions...

That's what I've had in regards to post after post lately...but it just hasn't happened.

I'll start with today:

Today, Wednesday June 3rd has felt like I'm finally in the groove of life with 4 boys---who are all at home with me for the summer. We did normal stuff at home- like clean up the kitchen, clean rooms, and put away WEEKS worth of laundry (which isn't totally finished but mostly done;-). We sat and watched the hermit crabs-the smaller of the 2 shed his exoskeleton last night so the left over shell was very cool to assess and it was neat to watch him try to make his way in his new soft skin. Just normal boring stuff-no frills...just hangin' out at home-and of course trying to train my very spoiled newborn that his 6 weeks of constant attention are a thing of the past. With the older boys now home for the summer, Griffin will undoubtedly see less mommy attention.

Next week is a big week for us...I have my 6 week post partum check up, in which, I have used every fiber of my being to not cancel as I so don't look forward to such events. Owen has his surgery next Thursday-and I finally got some details which make me feel a little more at ease about the procedure and after care. The poor guy will be on T#3's (Tylenol with codiene) for a couple days and will be restricted from any ride on toys etc for 2 weeks...that will be sad as he loves his ride on's. We will start hosting a Bible study in our home on Thursday nights as well.

I don't know where the past 6 weeks have gone but I'm guessing it is a blur of sleep deprivation, holding, cuddling, feeding, changing, car pooling, park trips, a trip to the zoo, and way too much eating out.

Hey, do you know why the bride was crying? Because she didn't get to marry the best man (ta-da-bum!)...that is the joke TJ just told me;-)

So, I guess I won't get the cute pics of our recent outings on this post but maybe soon. Oh, and I didn't post my end of school pics because they were cruddy and blogger is not user friendly. I tried to use windows live writer but it wouldn't work (sadly). So, I gave up.

I still can't believe it's June 3rd already.

Also, I've had many inquiries about my future with "work" as a nurse and the final answer as of today is (drum roll please):

I'm returning in August for one shift per week. Currently our plan is for me to work Monday night and Tim will go in for his late shift (he works one late shift per week) on Tuesdays so I can sleep a bit after getting off at 6am;-) But, that is months away so I will enjoy my time at home now with my many small children and even then, it's only one day per week.

This wordy post has taken eons as I've been on the phone and parenting as I've tried to make coherent thoughts so I'll end it now and get ready for yet another feeding;-)

Oh, but before I go, do you love my new "Valiant Updates" pic? I soooo love it! I took it myself too-at the park. I wanted to write on the tree trunk with etched type markings but couldn't figure out how or what to say other than "I heart my 4 boys;-)".


Kristy V said...

I love the new pic of the boys. They are all getting so big and so handsome! Hope you are trying to stay sane!

Jessica said...

Love the new kids pict., great job getting them all to look your way.

Emily said...

Your family is amazing. I just happened to find your blog off of Knoah's blog. Does your son have a diagnosed form of dwarfism yet? My second son has a form of skeletal dysplasia, but they are not able to figure out what it is yet. I am praying for your family already!!!