Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tired yet?

Oh, that is, of adorable pictures of the Griffinator?

Well, too bad...'cause here are more:

These pics are one of many reasons I wish my BIL, Jason, lived close by-isn't he talented?

He and the baby sis visited over Memorial Day weekend, and of course, met Griffin:

And Jacob fell in love with Jason's hat:

Uncle Jason is a real sweetheart and he let Jacob keep his hat:-)

TJ liked the hat too (which serves nicely as a "before" picture:

...before what you wonder??? baby boy lost his 4th tooth at 4:19 pm-but to me, it was the most important tooth, as I've been wanting to see his precious grin missing "his 2 front teeth" for some time-ok, so, I've hounded the poor kid for months!!!

-in the second picture if you look close enough, you can even see his tooth coming in-that poor tooth was holding by a thread! He accidentally knocked it out while wiggling a nearby tooth-he, he.

Griffin had 1 month photos today too-here's his outfit:

Lastly, stay tuned: tomorrow is the last day of school for the boys-I'll post my annual "oh how they've grown" post:-)

Oh and, "it's a girl!!!" Congrats Focosi family...we love you-can't wait to hear the name!


amy f. said...

Thanks for the shout's not even on MY blog yet! Love the pictures. You're BIL is very talented (and must have a nice camera). I think Burke has that same outfit (last one) that Griffin has :-)

Kara Townsend said...

hey there :)
griff has such a cute look all of his own!!!! He's verrrrrry photogenic :)
love you all!