Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Proof...and randomness

I mentioned a couple posts ago about the most special cuddle times with Griffin...luckily, he's a repeat performer with the camera inches away:

In other news: I watched the Biggest Loser tonight (from DVR, of course) and I want to share that I feel it was the best, most riveting and inspiring episode ever. The 4 remaining contestants were sent home for 30 days (off the ranch after approx 16 weeks) and told in 26 days, they'd be in a challenge to complete a full marathon---WOW! And I thought my 5K about a year ago was impressive. The fastest time was a near 5 hour completion. The longest time set by a nearly still 300 pound well over 40 year old (Ron) was 13 hours...but he has a really bad knee-I'm in awe of ALL 4 of them in their will and determination-not to mention people train for months plus for a marathon-they had just 26 I could've bawled watching Ron complete the event.

Lastly, I wanted to mention how close to home "swine flu" now is to me...

A child has recovered from it here in Lafayette. I'm so glad to hear about the full recovery but very sad to know how much more serious I should be taking this epidemic. A child like Owen or Griffin could easily die from complications of such an ailment. Plus, our local hospital (where I just had Griffin) has announced an immediate limit to visitors-they have chosen to limit visitors to essential visitors only and are screening everyone who enters in attempts to limit the real possibility of widespread outbreak of flu to staff and patients...isn't that alarming? Maybe I'm just over reacting but I'm sure glad I stocked up on hand sanitizer today;-)

*Update* The visitor restriction was lifted this morning-thank goodness.