Sunday, May 17, 2009

3 weeks equals due date

OK, so I'm a bit late with this post/ post title since my due date was Friday, May 15th and that was the day Griffin turned 3 weeks old. It's more and more true the older I get, but BOY TIME FLIES BY!

Griffin is a sweet, sweet baby boy. He is still a pretty good sleeper and only has short times of alertness...he has had some increased episodes of fussiness due to gas pain which sometimes take a bit of time to calm him down from.

Here is a picture of him from Friday (ok I guess it will be pictures since I can't narrow it down):

I thought Friday would be a very emotional day and I'd do my post and be all tearful about the day but instead, it was pretty busy and turned out to be a fun, upbeat day.

TJ's school had a fundraiser type fair/carnival event and we were concerned about the weather (lots of rain and bad storms were predicted) but all the kids spent the afternoon praying and the weather was great and held out until after 8pm which was incredible but then the storms broke loose! Anyway, here are some photos from the fair:

The boys cousins always come and support FCS each year.

Owen loved the Chick-fil-A cow...he hugged on him and hugged on him. I was saddened to find the Lafayette Chick-fil-A owner that I have come to know and love Carolina Cruz has moved away for a franchise out of state;-( So, they are searching for a new owner of the Lafayette Franchise...wonder if I could qualify for a loan that big?

TJ "walked" a Llama but his Llama was lame! The thing refused to walk around...poor TJ tried and tried to pull him around-I don't know if he got a whole lap in;-)

Jake competed in the obstacle course against his cousin and very pridefully blew her away;-)

Owen loved playing the games for "tickets". He was super cute and surprisingly patient even though he didn't play near as many games as the other kids.

And here are some pics of Owen prior to a haircut (and diaper change):

I thought it was too funny how his saggy diaper was down to his knees (a size 4) and the ankle bracelets (prizes from the fair) really topped off the photo op;-)


Jennifer said...

Griffin is a BEAUTIFUL baby just like your other boys! Love the picture of Owen with his diaper hanging low! So cute.