Sunday, May 10, 2009

The week in review:

Oh wait a minute...these two pictures aren't from last week...well, one is:-)
The top pic is Owen at 2 months old. The bottom is Griffin at two weeks old...not identical, but definitely brothers:-)

Wrapped around my finger already!

Griffin's teddy bear birth mark:-)

Don't you think his "stork bite" resembles a teddy bear? All of the boys have had stork bites...these birth marks are most obvious in infancy and fade over time.

Our crazy Owen!

My t-ball boy Jake!

A picture of Griffin's hospital pictures...the shot I took doesn't do the actual photograph justice...for a 4 day old baby, the picture was great (and free since I'm an employee:-).

The next 3 are pictures of Miles Standish (aka TJ) for his 3rd grade wax museum project...he looked so cute and gave a masterful speech. The first of the 3 pics shows his "pose" that he had to hold in between waiting for the next visitor to press his "button" -he was so serious:-)

What's this you say? Well, it's a cinnamon roll of course-er, uh, I mean Griffin's scrumptious belly sans dried up navel stump:-) He lost this on day 12.

I will be getting up early tomorrow to make the call about Griffin's need to see the urologist (see 2 posts back for details)...his "sore" is looking better already, so I'm guessing he'll be just fine and need no intervention...but since you all know how much I adore MD visits and long car rides with my many small children, we will make the venture whenever we are fit in the schedule to make sure Griffin is well cared for.

That's it for this WIR (week in review). Hope your week and mother's day were great too!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I love the wax museum idea! He looks great! I'm hoping to teach 3rd grade once I graduate and that is possibly the cutest idea! Thanks for sharing Renay!