Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bad news...good news...good news...bad news

Bad news: At least it was expected-the appointment for Griffin in Indy at Riley Children's Hospital was today. Unfortunately, we got into traffic as the result of a wreck and were over 20 minutes late. Unlike my luck, they agreed to still see us. After two hours of waiting, we were finally taken to an exam room-yes 2 hours.

Good news (kinda?): after a "peek" and I can't emphasize "peek" enough, the MD said Griffin's "issue" was gonna be fine. Just as I expected and it only cost us nearly 5 hours (with traveling), $15 for dinner, and likely a few hundred for the appointment;-)

Good news: I had the gumption *after 2 hours of waiting* to ask the MD about Owen's "issues" needing a future appointment-and AGAIN-so *NOT MY LUCK* and I can't emphasis this enough, SHE SAID, "I'll just look at him now"...OMGoodness!!! Seriously? YAY! While I'm not happy that we sat in miles of traffic or waited at "makes your heart sad just walking in the building to see all the sick kids" Riley, I am so happy she saw Owen then and there. For those of you wondering, she did have a chart made up for him and we WILL be billed for the evaluation, but it saved us from driving back and who knows how long of a wait for both the future appointment and waiting room times.

Bad news: Owen needs surgery;-( My heart breaks because of this, but I know in the grand scheme of things, his surgery and medical issues are minor when compared to many of the precious kiddos Riley serves. As a momma, of course, any procedure on your beloved child is a big deal...but I know he WILL be fine. So, what he needs done is pretty "personal" because it is of a urology nature but the MD said he will undergo general anesthesia and the surgery will take about 2 1/2 hours and be done as an outpatient. She (the MD) made the whole thing sound easy-peasy and frankly, I was so stupified that she saw him at all I didn't think to ask many questions (like how his recovery would be, etc) but he did say the scarring would be very minor and that patients who have this surgery (it's 2 procedures) are very pleased as adults and do very well with it.

So, that's the update...not so bad, eh? Oh, the surgery is Thursday June 12th (or 11th-which ever day is a Thursday) and they don't schedule times since they go by age...so, the book was "full" that day but hopefully Owen will be one of the youngest since he has to be without food or drink after midnight the night before. We find out the day before what time to be there (I hate early for me but am prayerful for it for Owen's sake:-).

Also, I know this whole thing is kinda vague regarding what procedure they will be doing but again, since it's regarding his private area, I am trying to be mindful of how many details I give due to the nature of the internet not being so private. Anyone wanting more details, feel free to email me or call me and I'm very willing to discuss it with you...especially to help you know how to pray specifically or help you make decisions regarding your own kiddos who may need such issues addressed.

Sorry if this post is crazy...I'm pretty tired and have quite a headache.


Kavita Deckard said...

Hey Renay! Well I am glad you got some good news today, I know it can be hard having a child go through surgery - it is always heartbreaking! We saw a urologist at Riley as well for Jaya - let me know what's going on - e mail me at my hotmail account! Take care of your self and I will talk to you soon!
Lots of love!!!

Lora said...

Wow, what a roller-coaster day you had. Doctors' offices with little ones are the worst! I'm glad Griffin does not need any treatment. Sorry that Owen does. But he'll be at a great hospital that will take super good care of him!

ang said...

It has been a while since I have had a chance to chatch up on your blog. You have had a lot going on! I feel for ya sweetie! Riley is a hard place to visit. If you ever need to talk, please give me a call. Having a child with special needs can be very tiring, not just the caring for them, but the worrying a mother goes constantly goes through. I know you love your boys each and every day. With the worries -- give them up to God each time -- if that is every day then let it be every day. keep relying on that strength.
Again -- if there is anything I can do, please don't hesitate! :)