Sunday, May 03, 2009

A post of his own-Happy 2 1/2 years old Owen!

I can't believe Owen is 2 1/2 years old TODAY!

What is this budding 30 month old up to these days?

Well, we'll go head to toe...

Head: He has hair that will finally lay down but he's still sportin' the Kevin Bacon Footloose look. He has great vision-and still those beautiful blue eyes...that frequently have big crocodile tears in them...he's quite the Drama King! He has had a pretty clean nose-few colds or illnesses since he's been out of childcare. He, of course, got a cold the minute we brought Griffin home;-) He's got all of his teeth (that he's supposed to have:-) He finally "teethed" those final 2 bottom teeth. And he will shoot you the most ornery smile if the mood strikes him right. He talks up a storm. He knows all of our names and you will frequently hear him asking wear his bro-vers are...he pretty much never stops talking. And he will break out into song when the mood strikes him. He loves to count (to 12 I believe) and knows a truck load of ABC's(he says up to H without error and then it's a hodgepodge of vowels and consonants-just skipping some along the way to the finale of X, Y AND Z-next time won't you sing with me???).

I think he's around 22 idea on height but he's wearing 12-18 month pants. I tried to buy him 24 month and 2T shorts today (my first outing since getting home) and even they are big on the poor lil' guy;-( He has a check-up Friday with baby brother so, I'll be posting the official stats after those appts.

Toe: He's quite the runner and he LOVES to put things over his head (like blankets and hats) so he can't see and then walk around and bump into things and spin around so much he can't stand up anymore-weirdo;-) He loves to play outside with his bro-vers and do whatever they are doing and play with whoever they are playing with. He wears size 5 shoes and today while I was out, I found him a pair of skechers at Toys R us originally $38 for $4...ahhhh-the bargains continue!!!

He's enjoying his new "chores" of getting me or Tim a diaper for Griffin and a wipe from the wipe container. He then throws out the "dirty" diaper. He's pretty good at these chores and he never complains or says "no" to our request (at least for these duties...he says "no" to us all the time about other stuff...quickly followed by "the look" from a parent that equals a quick "I obey";-)

Anyway, he's a great kid! He's really starting to be more of a big boy in my eyes than a baby. He's also SOOOO ready to be potty trained...I'm just so not into it right now.

Hmmm...what else? I really could go on and on about this kid-he's really a good boy...he just has hit the true "terrible twos" phase too so tantrums are possible at the most inopportune everyday when he visited me at the hospital;-)

Oh, he's BIG into Scooby Doo...and not the New Scooby Doo's...but the classic-more "scary" ones. He sings the opening song and thank GOD for freespot as there are about 15 or so episodes at any moment available...he asks to watch Scooby about 4 times a day. Oh well, when I give in, it makes for good cuddle time;-)

He wants to sit like TJ and Jake do at the island counter and not in his chair...problem here is the likelihood of his doom if he falls off the bar stools for a 36 inch counter height...ugh. He also wants to drink out of a regular cup-not a sippy and eat cereal with milk like his brothers and all the stuff I'm just not ready for him to graduate into.

Ok, I'm just babbling by now-here are some cute pics of the "birthday" boy:


Kristy V said...

Wow! He has gotten so big. I love the pic with the blue mouth!