Friday, May 08, 2009

Griffin 2 weeks, Owen 2 1/2 years update and appts

I've found that it is challenging to find info I want from old posts due to my clever, but not always relevant titles, so I made this one no frills.

This post is definitely not in an upbeat nor cheerful tone...I'm so down in the dumps. I want to say I know everything will be fine and that God will see us through (because this is TRUE) but my heart is letting me be-well, down in the dumps.

Here are the stats:

Owen-30 month check-up: weighs in at 22 pounds 7 1/2 ounces (was 20 pounds 11 ounce at 2 years), 32 3/8 inches tall (was 31 1/2 inches at 2 years), 49 cm head circumference (was 48.3 cm at 2 years), 10th % height for weight-which has fallen off considerably making my lil' guy more "skinny" than I thought.

Griffin-1st MD appt/2 week well-baby visit: 7 pounds even, 19 1/2 inches long, 36.3 cm head circumference, 25% height for weight-not bad lil' baby.

For Owen-how this measures up: Not surprisingly, Owen is sticking to his own growth curve which is many standard deviations beneath the 3rd percentile for other kids his age. We, of course, don't need a CDC growth chart to tell us this-we see it all around us when we meet other kids his age and in the tags of his clothes (typically one whole year smaller or more). His head size is fine. And as I wrote above, he is getting pretty skinny-yet I notice chunkier thighs and he seems so big now that Griffin is here;-). He still drinks whole milk (like a champ) and eats and eats so there's no improving his thinness right now.

For Griffin how this measures up: Griffin was 6# 12 oz at birth and got down to 6# 6 oz before leaving the hospital. So, he's up in weight in a great "weigh". He is in the 10th % weight, 10th % length, 25th % head circumference. Interestingly enough, has is our first to have such a small (relatively) noggin'. The other boys (even Owen) have had big ole heads so for Griffin to have a head in the 25th % is a shock to petite headed boy! It's a first! He will likely catch up to a more typical 25th-50th percentile in the near future.

Now for why I'm in the dumps...both boys need to see a specialist-in fact, both need to see the same type of specialist (but for different reasons) ironically. They are being referred to a pediatric Urologist. I think I'm disappointed on many levels-

*Oh and please note-I'm not sure, but I have heard if you post "actual terminology" on the internet, freaks and weirdos will search and find you so I'm going with mom terms and other aka terminology which I hope you'll be able to decipher...not trying to be paranoid-just wanting to not illicit pervs to the VU blog;-)

Ok, let's start with Owen since he was the first to get referred at this afternoon appts. Since Owen was born, I've mentioned that I was worried that he may have an issue with undescended "fam jewels". He also has other issues that concerned me with this general area. We'd already seen a ped urologist for a possible hypospadia early in infancy and that MD nearly laughed us away...he must see some bad stuff as he said Owen was fine...which was great. As Owen has grown and the MD's continually assured me he would "grow (literally) out of these issues" he hasn't. So, today I pointed out my concerns (again) and this time, our MD agreed that while it's no medical emergency, Owen does need to be seen and likely will need surgical intervention---WTH??? This makes me ticked. Owen's chances of infertility and testicular cancer increase I don't know how many fold due to this not be addressed like uh, 26 months ago!!! Plus, no one wants to hear that their concerns are founded and that their precious boy likely needs surgical intervention. I already worry about his to add to his very likely petite stature, he could be infertile and have life threatening cancer too?!?

Overreacting? I'd say, I'm more in shock-and frustrated that I didn't try harder sooner to have my concerns addressed.

Now for the big whammy: maybe you'll remember a recent post where I mentioned a newborn making you worry about things like spitting up and circumcision healing...

Guess what? Again, I didn't follow my mommy instincts---UGH! I called the pedi office the day after we got home from the hospital because I was concerned about Griff's circ and a "sore" that looked suspicious to me...well, I was totally blown off by the on call MD and told it was a normal 5 day sounding issue-yet I sure hadn't heard of nor seen anything like this before. I decided since Griffin was having no signs of pain, fever, infection, etc that I would let it go.

Big shock--today when I pointed it out (no, it has not improved in 9 days) the MD was immediately concerned. Great! But what does concern mean? He said he thought Griffin would need to be referred to a peds urologist too and I joked that maybe they could get them in on the same day and he very seriously responded, no, Griffin needs to be seen right away. He actually stepped out of the exam room to go call in for an appt himself. When he came back in, he explained it could take some time to hear back from the calls he put in but explained that he wants us to do special dressings on Griff's "pee-pee" and to be extremely aware of any signs of infection, redness, swelling etc. He proceeded to explain that aggressive treatment would need to be sought including blood cultures and possibly IV antibiotics if any of these signs appear or if he gets a fever or any signs of illness.

To know me is to know I'm a worrying spaz...I'm not much of a dressing changer, I panic at signs of fever, and surgery-sends me into fully blown anxiety. I know having boys pretty much assures me scars will be in my future-or should I say theirs...but I wasn't thinking surgical scars and certainly not in such "private" regions. I can't *stand* going to the MD...Owen is so much more than a handful at the MD's office-I can't even convey it-you wouldn't believe me anyway.

To update Griffin's "issue", the MD called me about an hour after we got home 9yes, he called me, himself) to tell me who to call (but not till Monday) and to be prepared to trek down there ON MONDAY. I'm so dumbfounded right did a no big deal circ turn into a serious issue that may need aggressive treatment?

Oh and to further the shock, my MD said he's never seen anything like it...why do they say such things? I love him, BTW-he's great and I appreciate him not sugar coating something he found that concerns him-I'm just venting-sorry.

So, I guess this will "to be continued" until I reach some MD in Indy's secretary on Monday who will likely have no clue why I'm calling or how to handle me. I'm just sayin'.

I haven't been good at asking for prayer lately-but I am asking now. I really need peace about this. And, I really *really* would appreciate prayers especially now that Griffin would stay healthy and have no signs that would require us to need medical intervention prior to meeting with this specialist. I also am really hoping that if it is necessary to see Griffin right away that the urologist will get him in easily and I can get all the oodles of childcare/help necessary to have a little less stress traveling to the MD and being able to focus on what she is saying since today Owen was such a maniac, I could hardly follow the MD as he was giving me all this head-spinning info. I also would appreciate prayer for Owen as he IS old enough to know when he sees a doctor and he's not a fan of having his 'bottom' assessed. Plus, his needs are not emergent thus, who knows how long it will be until he can be seen (sometimes these specialists have no openings for eons!).

I don't know what else-I am rambling at this point being that I am at home with the boys sans husband on a Friday night...sad and concerned. A long weekend will ensue.

I'm trying to find a place of following what I know (none of what happened today surprised God or is outside of His plan) and not what I feel (like breaking into to the Hostess store and eating Ho-ho's until I hurt no more:-). Maybe I'll put on some Wild Hogs (a fav movie) and violate some Cheetos.


Kiki said...

Hey! I am sorry you are so down in the dumps right now, it will get always sucks when kids are sick and surgery is involved, but they get through it better than we do....not sure who you are calling as far as the P.U but we had a GREAT if you go to the one he recommended and want another opinion, try Dr.Cain at Riley/St.Vincents - he goes to both places!

Kristy V said...

I am sorry this is happening at a time when you should only be having joy. I will be praying for all of your boys and a peace for you and your husband.

It's a beautiful day! said...

Wow, what news! We'll be praying for you guys and some quick appointments. If you need help w/ childcare, let me know! Just out of curiosity, who is your Ped.?
P.s. I'm not sure who their dr. was, but 2 of Jamie brown's boys had to have surgery "down there" and they had a specialist in could see who they had and if they liked him.