Thursday, June 11, 2009

Home from surgery...

Owen finally got his wagon ride from the recovery area to our van for the ride home (there were not any wagons out for his ride into surgery this very early AM).

We are now home and he is one swollen, sore, and cranky little boy. Tim just got back with his "yucky" tasting pain medicine. Owen walked for the first time and he walked much like a "cowboy" and held his "crotch" saying it hurt-poor baby.

Watching your child in pain is tough-but it could be sooo much worse.

Thank you everyone for their prayers!;-) I'll keep the updates coming as we recover;-)


Kirsten Smith said...

What a great post! I've been praying for you all throughout the day. Poor little punkin. Maybe he'll want to snuggle a little more than usual (that's typically the only "upside" to them being a little bit down-and-out). We missed you last night. Blessings to you all!