Monday, June 29, 2009

My life-updated.

I don't even know where to begin...

I guess I should say, nothing profound will be shared herein-just normal boring life stuff-which is good-I don't want to have profound things to share;-)

Griffin had his 2 month check up. All is great with him. He's a terrific baby! Seriously awesome baby! He weighed 9 pounds 14 ounces and was 21 5/8 inches long. He plotted in the 10th percentile, which humored me, since I think he's such a chunk;-) In my defense, if you plot him his height v weight, he is 50%tile which is perfect!

He is wearing 0-3 months clothes. He eats 5 ounce bottles of whatever formula is on sale about every 3 hours. He does bless us with some 4 and 5 hour stretches and has slept from 11pm to 6am a handful of times;-) He smiles and coos-he seems to be catching on the being social. He has found his tongue and often sticks it in and out over and over *so cute*. He's wearing size 1 pampers cuddlers (the only way to go in my humble opinion;-). He's a quiet baby and usually pretty content in his swing or bouncy seat-but he LOVES to be held. Especially lying on his tummy on Tim or I's chest;-)

That's about it for the Griffster's boring (but beautiful)baby life.

As for the rest of us, it's been ridiculously hot here. Today is a cooler day finally but I have no desire to go outside at the moment. In fact, there are 2 neighbor girls (with Jake) and 3 neighbor boys (with TJ) inside right now playing(read destroying) my house.

Owen is back to normal from his task-potty training (someday).

Jacob is mean right now-yes, you read that right-he's mean. We are working on it but it's a battle for sure. Yesterday was spent with him "grounded" all day from playing outside or electronics so that meant for punishment for the parents too;-)

TJ is enjoying his summer thus far with 3 boys from the neighborhood. They enjoy fishing in a nearby pond (don't ask, it makes me nervous) and playing the Wii, etc inside when it's too hot outdoors. He's been wanting to do the workreation program where he volunteers for an hour to earn a free pass to the pool, but 1) it's soo early to take him and 2) it's been so hot and Owen wasn't cleared for the pool -until now.

Tim is busily working at Wag. I have him sucked into my new couponing lifestyle. We hardly ever buy anything not on sale/with coupons. He's all about the deals. He's even instructing a portion of a local couponing class tonight in regards to Walgreens customer loyalty program called register rewards. He is also busy with his volunteer work of mentoring/counseling others in regards to finances including a new project with Habitat for Humanity...oh and I almost forgot-he's on a team for a book review for a book our Pastor is writing...busy fella.

Me-I'm just enjoying the boys and the summer break. I'm totally into couponing now as a way of life. It's been an amazing blessing for our family to not only save money but also get to try out things I never would've bought before. I don't think I'll ever pay for newspapers, shampoo, soaps, toilet paper, toilet bowl cleaner (and some other cleaning products), tooth brushes, tooth paste, and more AGAIN! It's amazing once you get the hang of it. And fun. And it really fulfills my shopping bug. And that's about it for me and for all of us I guess. Here are some pics from recent adventures:

All of the boys (except Griffin) have been sick recently-here's pics (Owen was already over his when I took the pic of him:-)

The 2 middle boys playing dress u:

Flowers from my garden:


amy f. said...

Great update. Griffin is growing so well. Glad to hear Owen has recovered fine. I would have no idea what it's like to have a mean boy of preschool/K age (yeah, right!).

You're "couponing as a way of life."??? I must do some sort of seminar/internship with you, or something, because I want it to be 2nd nature to me, like it is for you!

Oh, and your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!