Monday, March 10, 2008

The gift that keeps on giving-mind me askin' ya how much that set you back?

Ok, so I bet you've all been sick wondering what I got for our 10 year anniversary???

Well, aile no more friends...except in jealousy maybe...

Exhibit A-old earrings worn gratefully for 10 years

Exhibit B-new earrings from the best Jeweler on earth~ Avenue Jewelers!
Thanks Jason for helping my hubby get my "Husband of the Year" award!

Comparison photo:

Disclaimer: the new earrings are much larger and more beautiful than they appear! The old earrings my hubby referred to as gumball machine earrings-the new ones he's yet to coin a phrase for, I'm guessing they are the "hope to be paid for by our 25th Anniversary earrings" though;-) Thank you baby-you're the best!

What did I get him you ask? You'll have to ask him:-)

So, I know you've frantically checked back hourly today to find out how Owen's evaluation went...

Well, it went-not so well. First of all, my little Angel was more of a demon than anything. You know it's bad when they ask you questions like is he usually this emotional? Does he always show his opinions in this way? Etc, etc. What way? You mean fussing and throwing toys isn't proper 1 year old behavior? Who knew?

So, you also know it's bad when they end by saying, so, since you asked for this evaluation, are you opposed to some more services being added. Uh, no, I say. Ok, how often are you available-uh, you want to move in or what???

I guess that means he qualified for speech therapy and apparently then some:) Way to go baby, mommy has your $5 waiting for ya!

Seriously though, it actually made me feel divided. I was sad that they saw so many areas that qualified him for their services but glad that I'm not crazy and expecting too much of him. be continued;-)


Amy F. said...

Wow, you are a very lucky lady. You failed to mention this on the phone today...I think I would have been shouting it! They're very beautiful. We'll have to ask Tim what you got him? Does he have a blog that I don't know about???

Candi said...

They are gorgeous! What a lucky woman you are! I didn't even get a card for my last anniversary! I love the new photos! He is growing so fast and is sooooo cute!

Much love!

Candi said...
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Kim said...

They are beautiful! I am jealous. Wear them in good health!
Insofar as Owen-can he be any cuter? I know that you feel conflicted because you do and don't want kids to qualify for services, but just remember, Owen has defied all odds and was a preemie! He is an amazing little man! I am going to link up with your blog if that is ok with you.
Happy Anniversary again!
-Kim (and Preston)

Tonya said...

Beautiful earrings!!!

I pray the next 10 are as blessed as the 1st 10!!!